Will Samrat Bindusar Ever Know about Siamak’s Truth?

Samrat Bindusara - Ashoka's Father
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Samrat Bindusar did what he shouldn’t have done – Distrusting Ashoka and giving him punishment. However, now that he has gone and his two sons – Sushim and Siamak are in the palace, we wonder who will expose whom in front of Samrat Bindusar.

No wonder, Sushim has no idea about Siamak’s truth. Besides, almost everybody who had an idea is no more in this world except of course Ashoka who has been sent in exile.

Samrat Bindusara - Ashoka's Father

Will Sushim Know About Siamak’s Truth?

Siamak will hide it all the time and Ashoka too isn’t there in the palace. Worst, even if Ashoka reveals it to Samrat, he won’t believe it.  No matter, Helena, Siamak, Sushim, Charumitra, Mahamatya have turned him against Ashoka and that too in style. In such circumstances, it is almost impossible for Samrat Bindusar to know anything about Siamak.

We wonder, if Sushim will ever know about this as if he knows he will ensure that Samrat knows about it. This way, he can keep Siamak away from his dreams to become the next Samrat.

Will Samrat Bindusar Know that Siamak is Not His Son?

While, Siamak is a fictional character and we have no clue what the writers have planned for him, it would be rather very annoying if they keep Siamak’s truth hidden right till the end. It would be interesting if the writers bring the truth somehow in front of Bindusar and realize what a fool he was in not trusting Ashoka.

Bindusar in the end of the serial must know the reality of Ashoka and the exact reason why he went against his own brothers. That would indeed give justice to the entire plot – What do you think?

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