Indian History: Everything About Seleucus Nicator’s Wife Apama

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Queen Apama, the wife of Seleucus Nicator and mother-in-law of Chandragupta Maurya is shown as a mastermind in the serial Chandra Nandni. Was she really that evil or masterplanner in reality? Did she take interest in politics? – Let’s check out according to the available documents in Greek and Indian history.

Seleucus Nicator’s Wife Apama was not Macedonian But Persian

Apama was the daughter of Sogdian warlord Spitamenes – the leader of the uprising in Sogdiana and Bactria against the Macedonian King Alexander the Great.

It is believed that her mother i.e. Spitamenes’ wife killed him and sent his head to Alexander post he was defeated in the Battle of Gabai against Alexander to sue peace.

Apama Was Later Married to Alexander’s Most Trusted General

Later she was married to Seleucus Nicator – Alexander’s most trusted general who went on to become his successor. They married in 324 BCE, 4 years after the death of her father. The wedding took place in Susa, the current Iranian town of Shush.

After Alexander’s death many of the Macedonian generals unloaded their Persian wives. However, Seleucus Nicator was the one of the very few generals who kept his Persian wife. She remained his wife for the rest of her life.

According to Greek and Indian History, The Queen Had Four Children – Two Daughter and Two Sons

She had four children – Antiochus I Soter, Apama, Laodice and Archaeus. Antiochus I Soter was the eldest who later became Nicator successor. The daughter that married Chandragupta Maurya popularly known as Helena can either be Laodice or Apama.

Post Her Death, Seleucus Married Stratonice of Syria

After Queen Apama died, Seleucus remarried, this time with the daughter of king Demetrius Poliorcetes of Syria. Stratonice of Syria was only 17 when she married Seleucus the old king. She gave him a daughter named Phila.

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Antiochus I Soter, Seleucus and Apama’s son was deeply in love with Stratonice, so to avoid his love turning into violence, Seleucus married Stratonice to Antiochus I Soter. Together they had 5 children.

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