Reasons to Stop Using Ancient Ways Of Sending Legal Contracts

In business, making legally binding contracts with other parties can be difficult if they are based in a different city or country. If your company uses traditional methods of transfer, here is why you should reconsider your ways.

Why Should You Stop Using Older Methods

Many companies around the world still use older methods of sending and receiving contracts. There are many reasons why using the postal service is becoming an oblique and outdated way. If your company is still in the habit of using older methods, try to reconsider because of:

Writing Issues

If the papers are written by hand, then it will take a lot of time. If the documents are being typed in computers, then the company will have to spend money on buying papers and ink cartridges.

Can’t Make Tweaks in Writing

Once the papers are printed or written, no changes can be made. If there is a serious need to make any tweaks, then it will take a lot of time and effort.

Gets Lost Or Delayed

The postal offices have a reputation for losing the letters. The mail can be delayed because of weather conditions, unproductive employees at the postal office, or other reasons.

Multiple Recipients

If more than one party has to sign the contract, then you will have to send to one company and wait for their reply. After getting the response of the first party, only then you can send to the other one.

Third Party Changes

If the other company has a problem with the agreement, they will suggest changes and send the letter back. Then your company will have to sign those paper or discuss them, and send it again. This is all a waste of time.

Reasons To Join The Digital Age

Every start-up or newly formed company uses modern methods of doing all their work, and the older companies that want more efficiency are switching as well. Here is why you should consider changing the ways of your company:

Easy To Write

The legal department in your company will have a much easier time to type all the information and agreements using a word processor on their computers.

Sharing With Peers

The workers can quickly email the documents to their co-workers for approval by converting it to a PDF file, using services like Sodapdf.


The documents can be swiftly signed without the need to print. Doing this will save time, if your company handles many legal contracts, and money on printers.


If your company has all the modern software, every employee should have a PDF editor on their computers. They can use the editing software to encrypt any part of the contract for further security purposes.

Cloud Storage

The documents can be uploaded on the cloud and can be viewed by anyone with access. The viewers can also use any device inside or outside the office.


If anyone in your company decides to send any files to you for approval, you can easily view and add comments in places that need some changing.

Fast and convenient

The contracts can be sent by email, giving access to your cloud, or use a third party service. The recipients can sign without having to print the papers. The receivers can send the contracts back within half an hour if it suits them.

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