How Technology and Online Learning will Impact the Future of Education

It was not long before the advent of the internet that started to change the way we live and learn. Every sector has faced their equal share of impact due to the change, the ‘www’ phenomenon. Pentium computers were advanced and very soon went obsolete. The current Intel quad-core and i7 processors are changing the way how we operate data. Out of all the sectors which have been evolved with the help of the internet, the education sector has changed drastically. From online classes to apps, the way we learn and consume the data has changed rapidly.

Today, from school education to masters and even PhDs, all courses are available online. But what is the future of this? Will people prefer this nature of education?

If you look at the courses that are offered online, most of them are technical education courses which guarantee you an edge over others and land you in a job. But how do these courses provide you that much-needed edge? Most of the times, these are courses which are not taught in a school nor a college. These are not taught by any classroom mode of education service providers.

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For example, Big data course or big data training are something which is not included in any college syllabus but are taught by every education service providers. These courses saw a rapid increase in the number of students opting for it when it became available online. These online courses are moderated and certified. You still need to clear the tests and exam to be able to get the certification.

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Some of the online education service providers have their own app. So, the classes are happening on these apps which serves as a knowledge hub from where you can collect the course materials as well. Classroom classes are replaced by tablet classes. Most of these players provide you a tablet when you enroll in their programme. Education is something which becomes more attractive when offered in a flexible manner.

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Education needs commitment and when you find it at the place which provides you it at your own pace and level, then you would not want to miss it. Most of the rapid growing courses like Blockchain course are offered on the online platform. These are upcoming and you get an opportunity to learn it while they are at their buzz. These courses are highly recognized in the industry and in the future, there could be days when you needn’t step outside of your house for a secondary education. The fear is that these courses will only make education easier and affordable. It also has the power to completely change our traditional classroom education.

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