5 Types Of People You Meet on Tinder!

Tinder is a very popular dating app across the world and off late it has become very handy hook up site even in India where both young and old, single and desperate are swiping left to meet their matches on the app.

While I made a pseudo account to review the app to see whether it is indeed a healthy dating site, I realized it is more of a hookup site where you get to meet and talk all sorts of species. Here are few types which me and my friend Vishal Suri met during our 24-hour stint on the Tinder App.


The Jhat Mangni Pat Byaah Types – The Fast Forwards

By mangni I mean meeting and by Byaah I mean SEX. These lots are the ultimate fast forwards. They are not at all interested in knowing your hobbies or even your preferences, all they want is your asl (which they get from your profile anyways) and a time to meet and get intimate.


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No a coffee date is not on their mind. They’ll either ask your address or give their address to join them for a physical session in the very first meet. They don’t believe in the traditional method of going slow so what if they are in their late 30s or 40s. Age is after all just a number.

The Curious Ones on Tinder App

They have a lot of questions for you one after the other starting from why are you on Tinder. Yes, they’ll start judging you and even pretend that they are not at all judgemental. This is just a trap.


Image Source: via youtube

Next, they’ll stalk your social media account and even counter check the information you gave them. Don’t freak if you get a Facebook request soon after talking to them.

Main Tinder Pe Kyun Hun – The Confused Lots

The confused members of the Tinder app are themselves not aware of their existence. Yes, these guys do not know why they or their profile even exists on a dating app.


Image Courtesy: Pixabay

These are mostly the pyaar mai toota hua dil who try to divert their mind and attention from their ex. For them Tinder app is an extension of Facebook or rather Orkut (if you remember). But, be aware their stance changes with every day. One hour they might want to meet you, the next hour they’ll find excuses  to ditch the meeting. Yes, they are that confusing!

The Perverts

You’ll of course meet these species everywhere but this one is special. He has no interest in meeting, all he wants to know when was your last encounter – what did you do, how did he do, does it feel good with the chocolates or candle adds to the fiery tension in the house. Yes, he’ll ask you all sort of questions that he might have seen in those blue films and you never know if he night even shag when you respond him affirmatively.


Image Courtesy: cool_dry_place via Flickr

Yes, these lots get orgasm by talking dirty even if you are least bothered and are simply playing around.

And Finally,

The Fantasiers……

These are the ultimate ones – Yes, because these lots are under the myth that they will get married on Tinder.


Image Courtesy: deviantart.net

These were the five types of people I came across on tinder before deleting my account. Tell me your experience – how was it? Also, let us know other types of species on tinder which we are not aware.

The article is written by: MissNewsHand and Vishal Suri

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