5 Types of Happy & Blissful Relationships That Exists in Today’s Time!

Relationships have never been simple. It is a complicated web that we try to understand but get into the trap somehow or the other. However, what if I say there are relations that are indeed blissful and not at all complicated? Yes, welcome to the modern times where relationship is not all about love and marriage it is also about sexual needs and satisfaction. Interestingly, in today’s world, there is Black, there is White and there is Grey too. Naah, nothing is wrong here, everything is right.

Yes, times have changed and so is the definition of relationships. Interestingly, in modern times, there are various types of relationship terms that you come across where it is absolutely fine to be in an open relationship and it is also completely normal to have sexual intimacy with your ex who might just be your friend now. Let’s dig into few such relations which to our surprise works wonder and hurts nobody.


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Types of Relationships: Dating Partners

Here, two people are simply dating each other they are not into a relationship. It’s like A and B meet, spend good time and then head back home.  It is quite common in school, colleges and universities where two people are ready to commit only to hang out and hook up nothing beyond, really. You simply hang out and hook up with him/her and both the partners are free to hang/hook up with other people as well.

Friends with Benefits

A friend is somebody whom you trust and he/she trusts you back. Also, you guys share a lot of common interests and things. Interestingly, FWB or Friends With Benefits also share the same bed to satisfy and please each other just the way they share seats next to each other in a theater. The friends status always remains the same and it extends on the bed with sharing sexual pleasures as well. After all, who can understand you more than your friend without being judgmental? This is one of the most successful relationships these days.

Fuck Buddies

As the name suggests, you simply call a guy/girl, have sex with each other and do not care to call them or speak to them unless and until you need another dose of the same thrill. It is as simple as that.

Open Relationship

In this type of a relationship, two people are emotionally committed to each other but there is no assurance of marriage. Also, they can get physically intimate with other people if they wish too. These relationships are quite common in Universities and Colleges where people are not interested in a long term commitment but need entertainment and excitement in their lives through an assured relationship that can help them sail their years happily. Moreover, it is now also popular among the office going people.

Sex With Ex

Sex with an ex is like a new monogamy in town. After all, you know each other inside out – from what turns you on to what disappoints you. Besides, you don’t want to spend or waste time in searching a sexual compatible partner – It is too tiring and you might not get one that might satiate your drive even if you are in any of the above relationships. So, it is better to keep off the emotional baggage and continue to meet and have sex. It is a symbiotic relationship seems to be working well.

These are fresh and emerging types of relationships that exist in our surrounding and are working very well. Neither there is guilt involved nor is there any type of baggage.  Both the parties seem to be in bliss as the status is clear right from the start.

What do you think about these relationships – Do share us your opinion with us. Also, in case, you have a counter view, do send us a mail at editor@nationalviews.com

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