7 Reasons to Put Hawaii on Your To-Visit List

For many, Hawaii is a dream destination. Its location far from the Mainland, however, makes it harder to reach than other places, but a longer trip is definitely not a reason not to go. Hawaii is worth the visit. Here is why:

1. The Food

Okay, we are starting with the obvious, but come on, who doesn’t enjoy finding tasty delicacies on their trip abroad? It all comes down to the fact that many cultures blend in together there and they all bring a distinctive feature to the cuisine of the islands. This vibrant mixture will tickle your taste buds with its diversity. Be sure to get some fresh Poi as a side. It’s a staple dish in Hawaii and it is made of taro, a national root vegetable similar to a potato.

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Whether you decide to check out a food truck or sit at a local restaurant, be sure to try some rice with kalua pig and some laulau (pork wrapped in taro). Then, head to the beach and get shave ice on the way. It is one of Hawaiians’ favorite deserts and it is literally made by shaving a block of ice.

2. The Places to Stay

From luxury vacation homes in South Kauai suitable for the whole family to beachfront villas in Maui, you will find a true variety of great accommodation options for every taste.  Whether you like to be close to lively, shopping areas or to stay in a retreat surrounded by natural landscapes and tranquility, you will find the right place for you.

Hawaii is blessed with magnificent views and true environmental diversity. You can stay in a hotel, but a villa is the best choice if you are eager to feel a bit more like a local and immerse yourself in the culture.

3. The Islands

Not many people know that Hawaii is comprised of more than one island. There are thousands of smaller islands and eight main ones, the most popular being Oahu, Hawaii (The Big Island), Kauai, and Maui. Each is known for different things and has a unique vibe to it. Oahu has a more urbanized side to it, but it also contains some of the quietest and most secluded beaches.

Hawaii is known for its volcanoes and stunning mountain views. It’s home to the most active volcano in the world, Kilauea. Maui is one of the Polynesian pearls, rich in beautiful and lush greenery and tourist destinations. Kauai is the hippy island and it has some awesome treks. It’s quiet and it’s where you should go if you want a more private experience.

4. The Adventurous Outdoors Activities

You can go horse riding, mountain biking, jump on an ATV and ride around in full speed, or go on a snorkeling trip. The people on the islands know how to provide a thrilling experience no matter what kind of sport you are into. The beauty of Hawaii is that it is a destination that has a bit for everyone. It has mountains, volcanoes, valleys, and sand beaches, so you will never get bored. You can even snorkel within a crater in Maui. How cool is that?

5. The Shopping

If you are not feeling that adventurous and you are more into relaxed vacations, you won’t be disappointed either. Sipping on a Martini around the pool or keeping your toes in the sand all day is great, but you can also find entertainment outside of vacation homes and resorts.

Honolulu has some of the best shopping centers that will become your favorite spot for their many stores, features, and large size. Waikiki’s Luxury Row is a hotspot for people into the high-end shopping and there are many boutiques scattered around the islands that are worth a visit.

6. It’s one of the hottest movie spots

If you would love to see where some of your favorite movies and TV shows were shot, you will be happy to find out that Hawaii happens to be set of many famous productions, such as Lost and Hawaii Five-0. It has also been the inspiration for Disney’s animations Lilo and Stitch and Moana. You can book yourself a movie tour through Oahu to see where Pearl Harbor and Jurassic Park were filmed.

7. The People

When we think about famous Hawaiians, we could name quite a few on the top of our mind: Barack Obama, Jason Momoa, Nicole Kidman, Bruno Mars, to name a few. That’s quite a mix, ha? Exactly! Hawaii’s cultural diversity combined with the hang loose attitude towards life and the Aloha spirit of the native Hawaiians is the seventh reason that prompts people to visit the islands and quite probably is the best one! The hospitality you will find all around the four islands will leave you wanting to come back as soon as possible.

Hawaii is hard to resist because of its beauty and appeal stem from the fact it has something for everyone. And great weather, too! By now, you should already be looking for cheap flights and if you are wondering where to stay, consider a vacation home suitable to your needs to be able to fully enjoy yourself while in Hawaii!

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