11 Interesting Facts about Twitterati Kangana Ranaut – Controversial Tweets & More!

Twitterati Kangana Ranaut on Twitter
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Kangana Ranaut is a great actress but currently she is more known for her opinions and views on Twitter than her acting prowess on big screen. Her contention, squabble and her war of words as a Twitterati is gaining lot of attention from either side, her fans as well as her critics.

Here we share 11 interesting facts about Twitterati Kangana Ranaut controversial tweets that many of us probably wouldn’t knowher fiery tweets, nationalism and her outright views

Kangana Ranuat Calls Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey as ‘Chacha’

Kangana is very fond of Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO – she fondly addresses him as chacha (uncle)

Twitterati Kangana Criticizes Twitter CEO on Twitter and Still Cries that He Tries to Shut Her Down

The fiery Kangana is so gutsy that she can link anybody to anyone and still claim that she is being restricted to put her views and thoughts.

Not long ago her sister Rangoli Chandel Twitter account was suspended.

She is Pompous

No wonder Kangana is a brilliant performer, and watching her on big screen is a pleasure but her tweets not only display her ostentatious behaviour but also her grandiose sense of arrogance.

Twitterati Kangana Ranauat Is All About Maa and Baap

One Tweet by Taapsee = 3 replies by Kangana

Kangana Ranuat on Twitter Loves to Label Everybody

Chatukaar Media


Bollywood is Bullydawood, Bullywood

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Joe Biden is Gajni Biden

She has got names for everyone!

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Kangana Ranuat on Twitter Gives Left, Right and Center to Her Female Contemporaries

She will outrightly call them as bimbos

Call them B- grade actress

And even go on to say this –

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Oh Okay

Twitterati Kangana Ranauat calls Rihanna a Porn Singer and Porn Star

She won’t stop at anything you see

She Wishes the Ruling Ministers

A true nationalist, Kangana wishes ministers on their birthdays and being such a nationalist, she even gets their response.

Kangana Ranuat Controversial Tweets: She Loves Playing Tweet Tweet on Twitter

Especially with Diljit

Kangana Ranuat on Twitter Proudly Call Herself as Sanghi

Twitterati Kangana Ranuat proudly call herself as right-wing role model and Sanghi naari!

She Believes That Our Nation is in Threat

Twitterati Kangana Ranaut on Twitter with her tweets is quite an intriguing celebrity that who always have interesting things to say and share on every topic. What do you think about her and her tweets – Let us know in the comment section.

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