Understanding VPS and Why it is Best for Your Business?

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When you host your website with servers like dedicated servers, it may cost you thousands of rupees in India. This is tough for SMEs and start-ups especially beginner app developers. So, before you as a micro business owner begin to search for the best VPS hosting in India, it is very crucial that you first understand VPS in detail.

What is VPS?

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a method to host your application or website on a server that has been divided into different portions, each of which is reserved for different apps or websites.

There are alternatives for VPS – namely, Dedicated Server, Shared Server, and Cloud Server.

If hosting is considered as living arrangements, Shared Server amounts to a dormitory. It is a server meant to host lots of apps. This means resources like Storage, CPU and RAM will also be shared with other apps. So, it comes with a risk. While, some shared servers are available for free hosting, some others charge between $1 and $25 per month. Another benefit of shared hosting is that it saves you lot of effort when it comes to maintenance and configuration. This kind of hosting is ideal for beginner apps.

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On the other hand, Dedicated Hosting amounts to a separate house in which your app is the only occupant. Other apps cannot access or use your resources and server, which means you can enjoy exclusive flexibility, security and privacy.

Now, a VPS offers the best of both worlds. In VPS hosting, the server is divided into various sections, each devoted to a specific website or app. A VPS is like a shared server without the impact of other apps included in same server.

Cloud Hosting is similar to VPS but comes with a single substantial variation: the VPS is a portion of a physical server while Cloud is not linked to any physical machine. The cloud environment is created by several global servers. Thus, VPS may have physical limits while Cloud has unlimited potential for scalability because of the use of many servers. Pricing of cloud is also highly reasonable.

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What are the Benefits of VPS? Why it is Best for Your Business?

  • Low cost

By renting server needs from a VPS, you can access the right quantum of required server computing. You only rent what you need, ensuring maximum utilization of server.

  • Retain control

One positive feature of VPS is that you have absolute control over it. In shared hosting, you are sharing the server with several parties. A rogue application from any one party can lead to shut down but with VPS you can control what app will run on your server.

  • Portability

A typical problem when it comes to owning physical servers is the portability of the app and speed at which your app can shift to another server. One major benefit of VPS is portability of apps. VPS accounts are saved as server images by the provider of service. If you wish to downgrade or upgrade your server, your provider is able to move your image to a new server with zero downtime.

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  • Security of information

With a VPS, the environment of your server is reserved simply for you. No other person has access, so you can rest assured about security of data. Firewalls maybe set up for protecting data from fraud. Such an option is not possible for users of cloud and shared hosting- they have to do with default security settings of the server. Also, in case of shared hosting, if one app has fallen prey to malware, it can endanger your app as well. In VPS, this doesn’t happen as sections or portions of the server are totally isolated.

  • Scalability

Shared hosting has zero potential for enabling scaling. As traffic increases with development of app, you are able to use only those resources that are not used by other apps. In case of dedicated servers, scalability is possible, but it needs upgrading of hardware and some effort on the part of the server administrator. As for VPS hosting, it enables you to expand capacity of server as your business grows with a few clicks and a little more money. Upgrade your pricing plan and enhance your limits – let your app grow without any hindrance.

  • Customization

While you do not have control over the hardware, the installed software on theserver is very much within your control. This implies that your app is hosted on a server that is configured totally as per your requirements.

To conclude, choosing the right server is important as it impacts the speed and quality of connection, security of user data and even your expenses. Nevertheless, when you choose the best VPS hosting in India, it gives you the combined benefits of both dedicated server and shared hosting – offering a relatively affordable solution that provides both, efficiency and utility.

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