What is a Business Reference? Things You Need to Do ASAP to Gain Maximum Online Business References


When it comes to business whether big or small everybody needs reference so as to increase and widen their sales. This becomes all the more important for small business since there is always a limited amount of funds and resources to go with. Now, here in the article, we would talk about business reference and how as a small business owner you can gain maximum references online as well as offline with the right approach.

So, what is a business reference?

A business reference or a professional reference is a recommendation either by a client, vendor, associate or a colleague that in a way endorses your products and/or services positively.  A great commendation, business contacts unlike personal contacts is quite effective as it highlights your skills, expertise, strength and USPs without you being salesy.

So, What Can You Do Online to Gain Maximum Business References?

Whether you have a product, service, course or a complete package to sell, here we tell you things that you need to consider to gain maximum business references to your business –

Share Knowledge, Insights and Learnings of Your Industry

Whether you are an AC repairer, counsellor, digital marketing strategist, CA or an insurance provider, no matter what your business is, always try to share key insights and knowledge of your industry that may come handy to your potential customers. You can always share tips, strategies, and basic general guidelines or perhaps even news pertaining to your industry that can be of help to general audience.

You can share them timely on your social media pages, WhatsApp status, Social media stories, forums, groups and even in your business blogs and newsletters. When you share your expertise with a set of audience, you in a way proclaim that you have enough knowledge about the industry you belong to. So tomorrow if anybody is in requirement of a product, service and/or a course, there is a great probability that they are going to approach you no matter how many business/brands are competing against you.

Be a Problem Solver

Most of us small businessmen and women are part of various forums, groups and platforms online. Now these can be general groups or niche forums where almost every other day someone or the other has a doubt, confusion, and/or even buying related comparison dilemma. Now instead of ignoring the question, if you reply to them and provide a solution to their issue/confusion/doubt, you are more likely to appear as an expert.

Now imagine what if you do this on a regular basis in a niche forum. Well, you are not only going to gain karma points but also free likes to your pages, free followers and even subscribers to your channel/newsletter. I remember being helped by a technical person in one such group and I was so relieved and happy that I went on to give them a 5-star review on Google business page. Not to forget several recommendations thereafter to both, family and friends. Besides, I have got two good references from my Reddit and Quora family.

Got Loyal Customers? Give Them Value-Added Service Each Time They Make a Purchase!

We all have a certain set of loyal customers who no matter what stick to us thick and thin. So, every time they make a purchase, give them a value-added service, coupon, voucher, or perhaps a complimentary product/service that make them feel not just valued but even esteemed. They are more likely to refer you both offline and online – they are one ideal indirect salesperson that can bring you a lot of loyal customers throughout.

Never Over Sell Online – Follow the 60-30-10 Formula

If your objective is to turn users into loyal customers, never over sell. On your social media pages, blogs, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin and wherever you target your potential customers don’t make your brand or business all about selling, selling and selling. You are going to be overlooked not just by humans but also the search engine and social media algorithm.

Instead follow the 60-30-10 formula where 60% of the time you create engaging content, 30% of the time you share valuable and/or shared content (promoting or sharing other people’s business be it a friend, colleague or one from your business networking group etc.) that comes handy to your users and only 10% of the time you talk about your products, services and everything that you have to offer. This way you and your business are both going to shine in the otherwise saturated market of yours.

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Do try out these methods on your journey to get consistent business reference and let us know if you have more tips to add in the comment section.

Happy Selling without being sales(y)!

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