Why Indian Muslims Hate Narendra Modi? Why Are They Against Him?

Image By Narendra Modi (PM Modi launches 'Stand Up India' scheme) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Quite a number of times Narendra Modi apologists opine that hatred of Muslims towards their ‘divine’ leader is the reason for his spectacular rise in power. The more Muslims hate him, the more popular he gets. And even in 2019, he would emerge victorious just because of this since there appears no other leader of his repute on the horizon. 

Image By Narendra Modi (PM Modi launches ‘Stand Up India’ scheme) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

My few pointers on this theory-

1) Hatred of Muslims is the reason behind the spectacular rise of Modi:

By corollary, it implies that Hindus love (and vote) for Modi since Muslims hate him. Firstly, Hindus constitute roughly 3/4th of the Indian population, and only a minuscule percentage of this loves Modi. Many (out of that 31 %) have realized their mistake by now. This minuscule supports Modi since Muslims hate him. It implies that development was never their priority since their vote is based on love hatred relation – love for Modi and hatred towards Muslims. And their love for Modi is based on his Gujarat model of genocide.

So, naturally, they have no issues with development not taking place, or even if it is on the reverse gear. They would continue to support him till he is serving the agenda- victimization of Muslims. “To hell with development. These Muslims need to be taught a lesson”, must be the most often used statement during their gossips, I suppose. 

2) Secondly, Muslims hate Narendra Modi (no doubt about that) for his infamous genocide.

But their hatred is towards a politician and not towards a community. By projecting Modi as a Hindu leader, the Modi lovers very cleverly divert this hatred towards a community- that hatred of Modi= hatred towards Hindus. They very astutely project– “Hindu khatre mein hai” jumla. But the distinction ought to be made- Muslims hate Modi, an unscrupulous political leader implicit in the massacre of Muslims, and not a Hindu. Lovers of Modi hate a community. Ours is hatred towards a leader, theirs (Modi lovers) is hatred towards a community. 

3) Thirdly, Muslims must have forgiven him, had there been an iota of change in his attitude (and politics) towards Muslims.

He never apologized for his heinous crime. That’s not an issue today. Muslims have moved ahead of 2002. Had he delivered development, encompassing all sections, uplifting the lives of the citizens in general, Muslims might have adjusted since this development would have bettered their lives as well. But it is well known that he delivers just one thing- jumlas. We never in history had a PM who lies so brazenly, who (mis)uses the media and institutions to fudge data about development, projecting a rosy picture of the economy. But the reality is for all to see. Only the blind lovers are unable to see that.

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4) Lastly, Muslims hate Narendra Modi, but this hatred is not going to have serious implications on their material lives.

We were already living on the margins of socio-economic development. Thanx to the 70 years of “minority appeasement” policy which has resulted in lowest literacy rate among Muslims, lowest representation in professions and government services. Muslims constitute the largest section living in BPL category in urban areas. Majority of Muslims are today living on social and economic periphery working as puncture repairers, painters, low-grade technicians, tailors, rickshaw pullers, plumbers, garage workers etc.

Muslims have nothing to lose under Narendra Modi. It is the majority Hindus who have more to lose. They are losing jobs, money and freedom and increasing surveillance in their lives etc. It is they who are now bearing the brunt of an intrusive and over-taxing state. हमरे पास तो पैसा भी नहीं है, लूटोगे क्या? लुट तो हिन्दू अधिक रहा है l

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And yes, the majority of Hindus are awakening to the threat that Modi poses for the future of India. Only the lovers are still under hallucination singing hosannas. Go on. Love Modi since Muslims hates him. Your hatred towards a community is greater than your love for this nation.

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