Why Do Muslims Get Angry? मुसलमान को गुस्सा क्यों आता है?

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For long I’ve been intrigued with the question- मुसलमान को गुस्सा क्यों आता है?

A number of times many non- Muslims have asked me – Why do you people get offended when any question pertaining to your religious beliefs are asked?

A Professor once quipped at me in a National Seminar – “This is the first time I’ve dared to ask so many questions from a Muslim pertaining to Islam. I had many questions, which previously I never dared to ask, for the sake of my health 😉

The remark of the Professor left me wondering- मुसलमान को गुस्सा क्यों आता है? (Why do Muslims Get Angry?)

My hypotheses is-

Anger is an emotive response to a situation which you can’t deal with logic and reason. It is a self defence mechanism in which the actor tries to protect himself/herself from unwanted, undesirable or unanticipated situations.

Whenever a person is confronted with questions which challenge his belief system he/she immediately adorns the garb of anger to prevent further attacks on his deep seated beliefs.


  • Because you have never tempered your belief system with logic and reason.
  • Myths and rituals have eclipsed your belief system.
  • Centuries of Friday sermons have not inculcated the element of reason and logic
  • What has been reinforced week after week is orthodoxy, patriarchy and obscurantism.

The result is what you are witnessing today- गुस्वर मुसलमान

Blaming the clerics won’t do.You cannot expect much from a Madrasa system which is starved of funds.

You cannot expect much from a Cleric whose subsistence depends upon the 2 or 5 rupee note that you donate on Fridays.

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We, the educated ones, pass the buck by putting the blame upon the Maulanas. That’s the easiest thing to do – criticize sitting at comfort of your home, sipping Nescafe. What’s difficult is to ameliorate the situation.

And that would involve active participation.

Your suggestions for the same are welcome.

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