Why PM Narendra Modi’s 4 Hour Sleeping Habit is Not a Boon But A Bad Example!

Image Source: Narendra Modi - Caricature via Wikimedia Commons

PM Narendra Modi’s 3 to 4 hour sleeping habit is the right winger’s favorite topic of bragging. Taking it as a sign of strength, hard work, productivity and endurance, the sleeping habit of PM Narendra Modi often takes a lot of footage in any conversation, political or otherwise.

Image Source: Narendra Modi – Caricature via Wikimedia Commons

But, does his sleeping habit is really an asset, a great analogy for productivity or a bad example for others? Well, scientifically, it is the latter.

Less Sleep Is Not Equal to Productivity or Greater Output

For any adult whether a common man, celebrity or a politician, six to eight hours is an average amount of sleep. Though there is no record or statistics that shows tremendous amount of productivity of people who sleep less than five hours, there are enough scientific research as well as evidence that proves getting too little sleep (less than five hours a day) can have an adverse affect not only on your brain and heart, but also on your creative thinking and productivity.

A Harvard research study recently found out that, for an average employee, less than average sleep leads to the loss of 11.3 days’ worth of productivity every calendar year. Now this is equivalent to $2,280.

For a Prime Minister, this lost productivity could mean the difference between launching projects to boom economy and mindlessly stumbling through stuff that is not equal to upward mobility. (The recently launched projects and changes that promised positive impact but couldn’t reap one cannot help us agree more).

Sleep Deprivation (Less than 5 hours a Day) Has Lot of Ill Effects

Lack of sleep has negative impact on performance, and also leads to anxiety, stress, lower immunity, anger, frustration, impulsive behaviour, weight gain, high blood pressure, stress and other health conditions. (Source)

Besides, there are several adverse consequences such as slow reaction time, impaired attention and decision making, poor memory consolidation and also declining cognitive performance. (Source 1)

When Randy Gardener broke the Guinness World of Record for staying awake for 11 days and 25 minutes, he reported behavior as well as cognitive changes including short term memory loss, hallucinations and paranoia due to sleep deprivation.

Moreover, on the 11th day when he was asked to subtract seven repeatedly, starting from 100, he stopped at 65. When he was asked why did he stop, he replied he had forgotten what he was doing. Since then, due to the involved health risks, The Guinness Book of Records have withdrawn its sleep deprivation category.

Though a 7 to 8 hour sleep is necessary and mandatory, it is unfortunate that sleep is often disregarded and seen as a sign of weakness. No wonder, the bad example of disrespect for sleep comes from the most influential people in the country as well as the world!

Sleepless Productivity is a Myth!

Almost all of the influential people are in a race to outdo the other. While, Barack Obama slept only for 6 hours, Donald Trump and Narendra Modi claims to be sleeping only for three to four hours in a span of 24 hours!

PM Narendra Modi proudly claimed that he is able to remain awake as he practices Yoga and Pranayam that keeps him energized. Now, although Yoga and Pranayam have the ability to keep you fresh and energized (not scientifically proven but observed greatly), there is no observation or supporting facts that it can help you to stay awake for more time.

Blame Margaret Thatcher, but sleep deprivation is no way a sign of strength, productivity, commitment and/or endurance. In fact, it is exactly the opposite as it drains off all your creative thinking. Yes, sleepless productivity is nothing more than a myth and the sooner it is busted, the better it is.

It is high time we stop the culture of appreciating people of sleeping less than six hours and frown upon for not taking proper sleep seriously instead of just bragging how fantastic is the person who sleep less. As Dalai Lamai rightly quotes,

Sleep is the best meditation, not for nirvana but for survival.’


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