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Buying a new car is one of the most exciting things in a young adult’s life. Mobility and freedom are at your disposal along with many other possibilities that this latest acquisition brings to your life. A new car also comes at a significant financial cost. After you have saved for the down payment, you have to deal with the high interest- rates as you shell out the EMIs month after month, a years-long commitment.

Here is when you can use some ingenuity and soften the blow of these EMIs. Choose the ZAP plan by Zoomcar, where your car can earn you extra income during the hours you do not use it. With this innovative and secure shared ownership plan, you can effectively save up to 70% of your EMI costs.

The ZAPster Way

If you are looking for options of car buying online, then the ZAP plan is your solution. The premise is very simple – Buy a new car and list it on Zoomcar’s platform when you are not driving it. Sit back, and your car will earn money for you. Buying a car is made easy if you choose Zoomcar’s assistance.

A large network of financial providers ensures that you get to choose from the best car loan schemes. Zoomcar also has a great relationship with some of India’s top car manufacturers so you can get some discounted rates on your online car purchase. With so many advantages, buying a new car as a ZAPster will save you lots of money.

Extra Income, No Sweat with Zoomcar

Using your existing resources is important to maintain healthy finances. By listing your car on Zoomcar instead of having it lie dormant in your parking lot, you are creating precious extra income without breaking a sweat. Prerequisites include a commercial registration with Zoomcar for compliance purposes.

Zoomcar is then accountable for liabilities during the listing period, which protects your interests fully. Another prerequisite is the installation of Cadabra, a technology that monitors usage and helps in preventive maintenance. This will help you avoid unnecessary repair costs.

Live It Up with ZAP

The ZAPster model is aimed at those who are looking to give their lifestyles a lift. No longer will buying a new car make you compromise on the other things you like. Enjoy complete independence and add to your income with the ZAP shared ownership plan.

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