Anger Management: Tips For Managing Anger

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Sometimes our real tever or temper catches a short circuit and we become branded as a short-tempered or angry bird. But the problem is that we use to put our frustrations on others. This is a bad manner to insult and humiliate others due to our own problems.

In Mahabharata epic, Arjun was once much tensed due to some reason and he was just bombarding all his powerful arrows on a tree and Guru Drona was passing by the way and he saw and gave his disciple some pieces of immortal suggestions, tips for managing anger and preaching about this weird behavior of humans.

Image via Pixabay
Image via Pixabay

Tips For Managing Anger: From the Experts

He told Arjun – “just because we are great, a human being simply doesn’t automatically get any right to torture somebody or any object which is never a part of this tension in his or her mind.”

Arjun soon realized his mistake and became the greatest warrior of the earth. But why we are not realizing our mistakes. It is something which is not at all acceptable and we may repent later on. Often people badly behave with their family members after office hours and try to be nice to outsiders. This is unnatural.

We need to develop forgiveness and should take sufficient steps and measures to control our anger. Many bosses take the plea that they are very short tempered and the subordinates then face the wrath. My sincere advice is that we should keep our cool first whenever we face such worthless victimization by others.

Anger Management: Tips and Measures

We have to be more fearless indeed. You may lose your job at worst but don’t lose a good relationship. Try to do anger management and if possible you can attend a workshop regarding this.

Good leaders can attract others through their aura, positivity, and good thought. But bad leaders try to control you by giving you pains and oppression.

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We need to empower people and free flow of communication creates better homes, offices or earth. You need to be too strong to condemn this workplace bullying and let’s now take a stance or resolution to go for apathy.

We have to make this soil more colorful and blissful. We have to keep our mind engaged in some constructive work. A mild laugh is a good practice to control our anger during high arguments.

Laugh a lot. Be reserved and talk less if possible. You should have a limited number of friends too because every mate or companion is a different world to eat your head.

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