Diabetic Diet: Simple & Tasty Healthy Eating Tips for Diabetes

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Are you trying to control your diabetes? Well, then you’ll have to start with 1. Healthy diet and 2. losing a bit of body weight. Even 5 to 10 percent weight loss can play a significant role in lowering your sugar levels, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Besides, eating healthier and losing weight can have a great amount of positive effect on your energy levels, and sense of wellbeing.

A diabetic diet doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated. After all, your nutritional requirements are virtually same as that of everyone else – So  you do not need any special foods, but only special attention to your food choices, mostly carbohydrates.

Here we share healthy eating tips for diabetes as shared by experts:

Eat more

  1. Protein in the form of beans, unsweetened yogurt, eggs, milk, and cheese.
  2. Healthy fats from flax seeds,olive oil, raw nuts, fish oils, avocados and whole milk dairy.
  3. Fresh Vegetables and Fruits – Whole fruit and not fruit juices
  4. Fiber rich cereals made from legumes or whole grains
  5. Fish and shellfish.

Eat less

  1. Refined rice or pastas, White bread, and sugary cereals.
  2. Trans fats from deep-fried or partially hydrogenated foods.
  3. Processed meat and/or red meat from animals fed with growth hormones, GMO feed and with antibiotics.
  4. Fast foods and packaged foods particularly those that are high in sugar, and/or baked goods, sweets, chips, etc.
  5. Low-fat food products that contains added sugar by replacing fat such as fat-free yogurt.

Diabetic Diet: Consume high-fiber, slow-release carbs

Carbohydrates affect your blood sugar levels hugely so more than proteins and fats, you need to be careful about the carbs you consume

So limit refined carbohydrates such as Rice, pasta, white bread as well as packaged meals, candy, soda and snack foods. Pay attention onto high-fiber complex carbohydrates aka slow-release carbs. They take time to digest which prevents the body from producing too much insulin.

Source: Helpguide.org

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Healthy Eating Tips for Diabetes: Be Smart about Your Sweets

Feeding yourself with a diabetic diet doesn’t mean you have to eliminate sugar altogether. If you are diabetic, you can still have the pleasure of your favorite dessert now and then. However, only small servings – The key is moderation.

You can consume sweets with a proper meal than eating it as a stand-alone dessert. The reason being, sweets can spike your blood sugar when it is consumed alone. However, if you eat them with other healthy foods when you eat your meal.

Also, while you eat your favorite dessert, make each of your bite count by cherishing it slowly by paying attention to the textures and flavors. This way you’re less likely to overeat and enjoy more what you eat.

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Tips for Diabetic Diet: Eat regularly and keep a food diary:
Eat Regularly at the set times

When you maintain a proper regular meal schedule, your body is able to regulate your body weight as well as blood sugar levels properly. So, aim for consistent and moderate portion sizes for each meal.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast. It will not just boost your body with energy but also provide steady blood sugar levels.

Make a habit of eating regular small meals in a day.up to 6 small meals every day. This will help you to keep your eating portions in check. Make sure you keep the calorie intake same.

Also, make sure you eat the same amount of food every day than overeating at one meal or one day and then skipping the next to maintain the balance.

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Track Your Diet: Keep a food diary

One of the most recent study have found that individuals who kept a food diary to track their diet lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t. Well, a written record always helps you in identifying problem areas – From where you are getting more calories etc. Besides, it also raise your awareness of, when, what, and how much you are consuming, which helps you in keeping a track of your mindless eating.

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