Kundali Bhagya update: Will Karan and Preeta Know that Prithvi is Sherlyn’s Boyfriend?

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In the serial Kundali Bhagya, both, Karan and Preeta did everything that they could do to expose Sherlyn and her boyfriend. However, they failed miserably and now although they do not know who is Sherlyn’s boyfriend, her boyfriend knows that it is Preeta and Karan who is trying to expose him and Sherlyn.

Interestingly, Sherlyn’s boyfriend is none other than Prithvi who came to see Preeta. However, neither Preeta nor anybody has any idea about Prithvi’s reality. This makes us wonder whether Karan and Preeta will know if Prithvi is Sherlyn’s boyfriend.

Kundali Bhagya Update: Prithvi is Aware that Karan and Preeta are after him

Prithvi has seen both Karan and Preeta in Sherlyn’s house so he knows they both are trying to expose him and Sherlyn. But now that PreeRan didn’t see him they aren’t aware of the same. This has obviously alerted Prithvi and so going forward he’ll be much more careful. This makes us think how will then Preeta know about Prithvi’s reality?

Besides, now that Prithvi has vowed to avenge Preeta for troubling Sherlyn, he will surely plan something against her which will further make things difficult for her to reach Sherlyn.

So, how will Karan and Preeta know that Prithvi is Sherlyn’s Boyfriend?

Well, seems like the duo will have a tough time as both Sherlyn and Prithvi will now be in an alert mode. However, if they fail things are going to turn awkward because Prithvi is going to be Preeta’s would-be husband. Will Karan save both Preeta and his brother Rishabh at the right time is something to look forward.

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Going by the current plot it seems although Prithvi and Sherlyn will play hide and seek for few days and then they’ll surely give enough clue for Karan – Preeta to find out what’s going on. Besides, now that Karan has started feeling for Preeta, we are sure he’ll try his best to ensure that Preeta doesn’t marry Prithvi.

What do you think will Preeta know that Sherlyn’s lover is none other than Prithvi himself?


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