Narendra Modi and Gender Discrimination: Speech on International Day Of the Girl is not enough

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“When we start educating a woman, the entire world gets bread and butter for many generations to come.” This manifesto related to ‘no more gender discrimination’ by Narendra Modi is multi-dimensional in social media but still there are many pitfalls in the current government policies in context to female education.

We need to rethink because it’s all about empowerment, adding skills and self-confidence to these feminine brands of society. Is Narendra Damodar Modi really serious or this declaration is again a vote politics?

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I feel we need to reconsider the following things.

India has got Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan as a part of fundamental right to educate all between 6 to 14 years, but few reliable reports say in many parts across India, parents are reluctant to send their daughters to schools even if it is free. Where is the massive awareness?

Gender Discrimination: What Has the Government Done So Far?

Almost 2 years have crossed and the only thing that has been done is the media highlights. The government is not ready to accept all these things, and is putting blames by quoting girls as slow learners, which is obviously a myth in a new economy.

Even in modern times, the in-laws burn girls, courtesy the dowry system that prevails even today. Where is Narendra Bhai? Are we only concerned with letters from our Baluchistan sisters? I believe my writing is not anti-national. For raising our living standards, we need to prioritize female education because they are diligent and hardworking.

In media advertisements, we have seen ads related to sanitation – by default we are still sending our wives and sisters to fields as there are no toilets. Unfortunately, women are subjected to crimes, assault, rapes and exploitation due to lack of basic sanitation facilities.

A BBC News report states how a senior police officer in Bihar confirmed that 400 women could have escaped rape if they had toilets in their houses. But then, we are claiming many false things in air without giving due attention to malnutrition, health, hygiene and other practices for Indian unprivileged girls.

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National Education Policy, Mahila Samakhya Program, National Program for Education of Girls at Elementary Level Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya Scheme – are just like Pension and Jan Dhan Yojana. The rich are getting richer and females are still neglected.

Even after so many programs and policies of the government, the NDA government is still going below the belt in providing education to the girl child. The problem here is a lack of commitment by the government functionaries and Modi Ji is still happy with figures, but not implementation. It’s shocking.

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Let’s give them an opportunity to showcase their talents. We need to realize their importance in nation building. Only giving a speech on International Day of the Girl is not enough.


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