The Meeting of Suryaputra Karn and King Pandav – Truth or Fiction?

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In one of the episodes of Suryaputra Karn, we saw how King Pandav during his stay in the Jungle as a sanyasi, accidentally meets Karna. The two not only have a pleasant meeting, but also share mutual admiration. Impressed by Karn’s skill, Pandav also invites him for a dinner in spite of knowing that he is a charioteer’s son.

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While, this may sound nice and even please our ears, it is highly impossible in Indian Mythology of Mahabharat that a King would bring a Suta’s son to his place, that too for a dinner. Agreed that Karna was a different child, but, appreciating is different and inviting him for dinner is altogether a different thing.

Besides, did Suryaputra Karn really meet King Pandav and his wife Kunti?

There is no such detailing about this meeting in Mahabharata. All we know is how Karna was disowned by Kunti, how he was insulted time and again, how Dronacharya shunned him, how he trained in disguise under Parshurama and how the guru cursed him after knowing his real identity.

So, this phase is purely fictional. Though interesting, it is beyond one’s imagination to watch a King (even though as a sanyasi) urging a sutaputra to eat with him. The caste system back then was very strict and people followed it religiously. Besides, King Pandav was no exception then why would he bring Karna?

Kunti Saw Karna When He Participated in the Competition

Kunti got to know about her son when she saw Karna participating in the competition where only Kshatriyas were allowed. She could easily recognize him because of his golden kawach and kundal. Before this incident, Kunti had no idea where her son (whom she had disowned during her teenage days) was. So, this ensures that in the Mahabharat, Kunti saw Suryaputra Karn only after the demise of her husband King Pandav. Making it very clear  that this episode was nothing but fictional. In fact, a wild fantasy of the writer

What’s more Kunti and Karna never came face to face of each other to talk one to one until of course she went before the Mahabharata War to influence Karna so that he would not kill any of her sons in the Kurukshetra War.

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