2G SCAM: A Scam That Was, But Wasn’t!

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Don’t let anyone make you believe that there was no scam in allotment of 2G spectrum, but at the same time don’t just be certain that 2G scam was an isolated or different case either!

Cartoon via Kureel

I wonder if I would be wrong if I say it was JUST another case of corporate level scams, of which public is immune just like allotment of coal, gas, land for various uses, forests etc. We all know how rules and laws are bent to facilitate corporate bigwigs. It used to happen, it still happens and it will continue to happen. What’s new then?? Read on . . .

In this particular case, at last, people weren’t immune and stood up for their right. A big movement was built, something which annihilated the ruling government, almost to the extent of extinction. A movement which made even Narendra Modi look like a good choice and here he is RULING India, the world’s biggest democratic now. Nevertheless, we, the people, thought guilty will be punished and a precedent will be set so that whoever is involved in corruption will take notice and end their malpractices and/or get ready to face the music.

But does anything of that sort really happened, did anything change? 

While we continue to be ignorant about the corporate scam (as if we have a choice) the scams which we see in our day to day life have not reduced. Just look around you, government-run hospitals, schools, roads, parks, transport everything is just the same. I mean what is a scam? A scam is one where exchequer is charged more than the work is worth or where exchequer has paid for work which wasn’t there at all. According to this definition, even the grim law and order situation is a scam. The acquittal of those responsible for 2G spectrum auction is a scam.

CAG head Vinod Rai may have been wrong about the amount of corruption but he isn’t wrong about the corruption which took place. The only saving grace for Congress is that despite being in government, their scam (among others) came out in open. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the current regime. Nonetheless, Congress wasn’t even competent enough to hide its own corruption but BJP is so competent that it could even hide Congress’ corruption.

This reminds me of something, that which we ALL used to say 4 years back – “All politicians are thieves (saare neta chor hai)” which post the Lok Sabha elections of 2014 subtly changed into all politicians are thieves except those in BJP. Interestingly, post the 2G SCAM verdict we are reminded yet again that what we used to believe 4 years ago still stands true.

India, be a rationalist than just a nationalist.

The post was first published by Aadil Rashid on his Facebook Timeline

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