5 Indian Websites that Provide Free Online Doctor Consultation

5 Indian Websites that Provide Free Online Doctor Consultation
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The pandemic has made us realize how crucial it is to talk to a doctor without actually going to a doctor. Communicating with family doctors and healthcare professionals over the phone, chats and video calling made us realize that treatments can be started and continued through online consultations.

So, whether it is a common health concern, sudden acquired disorder/discomfort and/or obtaining a second opinion, consulting a doctor online is always an easy alternative. If you are the one looking for reliable doctors and specialists, check out the list of Indian websites that provide free Online Doctor Consultation.

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Both free and paid versions are available. However, even in free version you can consult a doctor online for free by sharing your symptoms, reports and even selecting the type of speciality you are looking for (Gynaec, Skin Specialists, Nephrologists etc.) and/or the treatment you are looking for – Allopathy, Homeopathy and/or Ayurveda. You can consult on the app/website by hitting Ask Doctor.

Have We Used the Free Doctor Consultation Service? Yes, for common health concern and our doubts over certain Covid-19 symptoms.

Zandu Care, One of the Best Indian Websites that Provide Free Online Doctor Consultation – Ayurveda

Having looking for Ayurveda medicines online, my father introduced me to Zandu Care and consequently their free doctor tele consultation. The process is simple, you need to visit their website, hit Consult a Vaidya add your phone number, query and you will get a call to fix an appointment with an Ayurvedic doctor.

Over the phone, the doctor will understand your issues and even ask to submit/photos via WhatsApp and then provide you with Ayurvedic medicines to treat your disorder/problem/concern. The medicines are like a month course and can be anything between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 1,500. You are free to say ‘No’ if you aren’t interested in getting those medicines.

Have We Used the Free Online Doctor Consultation Services of Zandu? Yes, for me and my father, both. For chronic health issue and blood/skin related health concern. The ayurvedic medicine did work effectively and we could see the changes in a week.

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Man Matters offers Online Doctor Consultation for Free

This website is India’s first ever digital health clinic for men and you can consult a doctor online for free from anywhere and at any time. How do you avail free online doctor consultation on Man Matters? Well, by clicking on Consult Now.

Have we Availed the Free Doctor Consultation Online from Indian Website, Man Matters offer? Not yet. However, since it caters to health issues related to men that most men avoid, it is no harm in trying to get a free consultation.  

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Dhani Doctor – Free Doctor Video Consultations for 30 Days

Going by the website, you can get free doctor consultation online on video call almost instantly from the comfort of your home with Dhani Doctor. However, the glitch is, it is free only for 30 days. Then, you can get unlimited doctor consultations for you and your family but at the rate of Rs. 150/month (going by their claims). They have a list of plans and doctors. How do you avail this? Well by visiting their website. They also have other offers like discounts on prescribed medicines etc.

Did we Consult a doctor for free on Dhani Doctor? No, not yet. If you have done, please do mention your experience in the comment section.

eSanjeevani OPD – A Govt of India Initiative for Free Doctor Tele Consultation

This ‘Stay Home OPD’ is an initiative of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Government of India. The state-wise OPD timings are here. In order to get free doctor consultation from Government of Indian website, you will first have to register yourself with your phone number, generate token, login, wait for your turn, consult with a specialist and download the prescription.

Did we try getting a free doctor consultation from eSanjeevani? Well, not yet. Though we are going to spread the word in the nook and corner of rural India so that maximum of us can avail this free doctor teleconsultation right from our home, no matter how interior it is. Check out the FAQs

These are five Indian Websites that provide free online doctor consultation. Do check them out and also spread the word to those living in Tier 2, Tier 3 and in the interiors of remote India.

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