7 Skin Care Mistakes Men Make Without Knowing

Handsome Men Skin Grooming
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Mistakes are a part of life, the one which should be critically balanced, not too much or too less. But the need for reconsideration arises when the type of mistakes we’re doing affects something irreversible and vital.

For more clarification, many of the people make mistakes which badly influence their skins and the worst part is yet to come, they don’t even realize and keep on repeating them. This only emphasizes the need to learn and research about your skin type and what products are better suitable for it.

Handsome Men Skin Grooming

A little knowledge regarding your body and skin before opting for skin care is a must, crucial to the point where you could simply lose your spotless skin because of the pimple scar you threw upon yourself!

Why the need to know about Skin Care:

Before proceeding further, the wise thing to do is tell why it is important for anyone to know about their skin’s health and how should they be looking after it.

Might seem feminine and not such a manly thing to do but that is totally a stereotype we should break with a bulldozer right now. Men have skin just as much as women do, and they surely need to take care of it just as how much women fret about it.

Skin is attached to the bodies of both the genders and provides a lot. When skin is not doing injustice, why should we?

Better late than never, start tending to your skin and body before you are covered in marks, pimples and scars. Mind you, the day is not far!

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Mistakes alert!

While we are at it, we want to explain some of the commonest mistakes men make without their knowledge and end up getting in deep trouble, actually, skin trouble.

The problems are basic as anything and all of you might be amazed to know how small and petty they seem but what huge of a difference they make. Thank us later!

Ignoring the cleanser:

this stands first in the line because it is the most important and harmful of them. Men don’t really feel the need to apply products to their face and rinse; they wash face with water which is their idea of being ‘enough’ and ‘extra’.

Cleansing the face is not a facility or a choice; it is a necessity of every single person with skin on this earth. Skin has trapped dust particles, germs, dirt, dead cells and what not which need to get out of its pores to let the skin breathe. If you don’t get rid of bad boys in your skin’s pores, they surely aren’t going to pay you back nicely, rather more likely to attach you on your most important day with filthy warts and pimples all over your face.

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Cleansing the face with a good, suitable cleanser cleans out all the dirt, germs and unwanted debris out from your skin and helps it to regain its normal and healthier form. Oh and it is not to be followed for a day once a month and be very satisfied with it. It has to become your routine, similar to how you go out straight into the polluted air every day, you should wash your face with a cleanser routinely that preferably should be every day to give a good night sleep to your skin too.

No sunscreen because you don’t need one:

This notion is what has caused you trouble millions of times. It is appreciable if you admit. Not wearing the sunscreen because you think it is totally useless must have proved you wrong on that same day.

Wearing a sunscreen is again not a choice but mandatory. You can only have the power to make this choice when you make the sun disappear, or do something with its rays to make them harmless, pretty impossible? Yes, now the only choice is to wear sunscreen.

UVA and UVB rays from the sun that reflects directly on the bare skin makes the process of aging to boost up its speed, it also literally burns the top layer of your skin which gives you the tan, which in extreme cases have been reported to become sunburn.

Wearing the sunscreen helps to protect the skin against the rays and stop them from reaching any further than the surface. It doesn’t let the production of melanin to increase resulting in less or no tan. Similarly, the rays don’t reach the skin to affect the aging process, so you can have your youth for much longer than without it.

Fingers on pimples:

The idea itself is so gross, who would’ve first thought about it? Pimples are full of dirt material because it’s the after effect or result of an infection underneath. The infection literally encloses pus, dead cells, debris, and bacteria in the pimple which pops out of the surface to make its presence known.

Popping the pimple with bare hands is giving punishment to yourself. First of all, our hands are dirty no matter how many times or how freshly we’ve washed them. When we touch our pimple with fingers, the germs on them are transferred to already infected pimple, making the condition to go worse.

Secondly, doctors advice to not touch the pimple or don’t even think about squeezing it because squeezing can lead to the infection being pushed backwards in the skin and getting into the blood stream, putting the whole life of the man on stake.

To ease the bump and redness of the pimple, the easier thing to is apply firm pressure on it by pressing a washcloth or a wet tea bag. It helps to decrease inflammation and thereby, its prominence.

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Not eating healthy:

Skin is a part of the body, just because its visible does not mean it is not attached to the insides and what’s happening inside does not affect it.

When you eat unhealthy junk food, the first organ to get affected is skin. Oily food full of cholesterol and fats impedes the blood flow through arteries and veins resulting in less blood flowing underneath the skin. Toxins accumulate which accelerates the aging process, wrinkles, dark spots etc.

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To avoid getting your skin be punished for what you chose, try to eat healthy. The best reward for both your body and skin is what you decide to introduce into it.

Not washing things that come in contact with your skin: this may seem petty and trivial but it has the biggest link between your skin condition and your let’s say pillow case’s condition.

Pillow case is in contact with your skin for the whole night, minimally 6-8 hours. Dirty, unwashed pillow cases are loaded with dirt and germs which often attracts tiny mites. All of this is microscopic but real. Similarly, the towel you use on your face needs to wash once in a while. It might have heaps of dead cells accumulated because of your face rubbing.

Adopt a habit of washing things, especially fabric that touches your face and the rest of the skin to lead a hygienic life with clean and healthy skin.

Not paying a visit to an esthetician: quite unknown but not non-existent, an esthetician is the one who give skin treatments, facials, massages and therapies at spas, where they are found.

Skin needs extra care once in a while for refreshing and revitalizing it. The best way is to go to an esthetician and ask for an advice. Have him/her look and examine your skin and recommend you treatment or facial according to your needs.

It can be pricey, but worth it because spending a little bit too much on the skin once in a blue moon won’t make a big difference, only going to make you eat ramen noodles at home for a couple of weeks.

And the dermatologist:

Visiting the dentist twice a year is a ritual, a tradition no one breaks no matter how difficult it gets. Dermatologist is same to your skin as dentist is to your teeth.

Skin needs regular check-up once a year for examining any abnormalities such as growths, spreading infections etc.

Dermatologist might also give you drugs and tips to improve your skin when all is clear and you’re good to go and enjoy your trip for the coming year.

Conclusion: Skin is the largest organ of the body which gets the minimal attention and care. Men need to pay attention to it and start doing effort for protecting what’s theirs.

It is high time now that men have been hiding behind the stereotypical curtain of how men are careless about their health and body and it is not their fault because no, this is not worth losing your skin. It is not working losing the blessing you have in form of beautiful and flawless skin which needs tending.

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And the skin is personally, physically and really yours, men, so take responsibility and stop repeating the mistakes.

The post on skin care is written by Tim Eugen

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