5 Care Tips for Healthy Feet That You Should Never Ignore!

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In human body, feet is the part that comes in contact with all sorts of dirt and dust, but still very few people really care to even apply soap on this area! If you are not agreeing to this point then you are lucky, else it is time to look after your feet and start caring as your entire body depends on them for moving around.

Feet work the most during the day, yet they are the most neglected ones. Very few people actually raise their feet from bathroom floor and scrub them gently as they do for the other body parts. This is because we take our feet for granted.

Good if your feet don’t complain, but there are fair chances that someday these work horses would complaint in the form of heel pain, infection in toes, foot corn, or just a sharp pain. If any of these happens then it would be difficult to get back to normal, hence start caring for your feet today for better tomorrow.

Image Courtesy: dang quang nam via Flickr

Below are the 5 everyday care tips for healthy feet that one may never ignore to keep moving!


Cleaning is definitely the most basic thing to do for your body. Wash your feet especially between the toes as all the dirt and germs accumulate there. You can do it while taking a shower by bending enough to reach out to the feet. You can also sit on a stool and do it for added comfort.

Once the cleaning is done, make sure that you dry your feet thoroughly. This will keep your feet young and fresh. Problems like odor, fungus, and athlete’s foot are tackled well by making this a routine.

Healthy Feet Tips: Eliminate dryness

Feet need nourishment as well. The cleaning of feet should always be followed by proper moisturizing. Apply foot cream or petroleum jelly on the feet in the morning after bathing and even in the night when you are in the bed.

Do it regularly and remember, you can’t compensate for the 6 days’ dryness by applying excess moisturizer on 7th day. Maintain regularity of routine to get the maximum benefits.

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Mind your shoes

Shoes have become the fashion statement, but not at the cost of feet! Wear comfortable shoes or sandals to protect the feet against shock and thrust that usually occurs when you walk, run, or jump. Shoes may accommodate the feet well, and you should be comfortable wearing it for the whole day.

Apply some talcum powder or antibacterial powder before you put your feet in your shoes. This will keep the feet dry while limiting the infections caused by fungi or bacteria.

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Smelly socks, a strict No!

Socks are used to cover the feet before they come in contact with shoes or other external surface. Socks are very good to protect the feet, but only if the socks are also washed and dried.

Don’t wear the same socks daily without washing, else you will develop some unwanted problem. Wash the socks after every use, dry them, and then wear them to avoid smelly socks.

Replace the footwear before it is completely worn out! It is difficult to stop using your favorite stuff unless it is completely worn out, however it would be good if you do it with your footwear.

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Footwear comes in direct contact with your feet and the ground. It takes up the extra pressure from your feet to keep them healthy. If you wait till the footwear is completely worn out then it will affect your feet health. So, keep changing the footwear as feet are irreplaceable! 

Remember, your healthy feet keep you agile, independent, and mobile, so care for them just as you care for other parts of your body.

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