Happy Birthday Amul Girl – The Utterly Butterly Judicious!

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As technology is changing in a very fast pace in modern society, every company wants to attract its customers in television ads but the question is will your products be remembered? What can be the right strategy in creating a long lasting impact in the blank boxes of our audience?

The only solution is to create an exclusive advertisement with an obnoxious brand character. Well, Amul Girl is the only character is the advertisement world that has created many ripple effects in our society.


Amul Girl – The Ray of Sunshine

The Amul Girl was created by veteran leader Sylvester daCunha in 1966 along with Usha Katrak and Eustace Fernandes, and is now effectively groomed by his son Rahul daCunha. This cute little girl with blue hair and polka dot frock is actually the blunt face of our ever volatile culture. 

@Amool_coop via Twitter

Amul girl’s first topical sketch came in March 1966 featuring the innocent chubby girl riding a horse titled ‘Thoroughbread’. Back then, horse racing was trending big time.

Ever since then, the team has nicely pictured many things till today including the latest sURIgical strikes to American elections.



She turned 50 on October 16, 2016, and even at this age continues to delight the whole nation with utterly butterly ads. I can call it a revolution and the cute girl is a silent commentator of all societal problems. 


She has created a massive impact and hope, it would continue to do so in the ages to come.


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The Amul Girl is just immortal.

Image Courtesy: @Amul_Coop via Twitter


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