Barkha Dutt Jokes And Memes

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You can love her or hate her, but you can certainly not ignore Barkha Dutt. While, there was a time when everybody wanted to be a Barka Dutt, today nobody think twice before shaming her for her outlook, views and opinions.

Here we share Barkha Jokes and Memes in general:

Standup Comedian Aditi Mittal on Barkha Dutt


When I was a kid I wanted to be a journalist like Barkha Dutt. Then I started doing stand up comedy. Same thing as it turns out.

Yes, Aditi actually said that! And we couldn’t help but agree!

Twitterati on Barkha 

We all know how badly Ms. Dutt is trolled on Twitter. Here’s one worth sharing:


B For Barkha, B for….

Lynch Mobs? or Leech Mobs


Barkha Dutt Jokes On the Radia Tapes Controversy

Jokes on Barkha Dutt - NDTV Journalist


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