Will Acharya Chanakya know about the Plans of Helena’s Mother?

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No historical fiction is complete without an interesting twist of ladies politics. While, Chandra Nandni was without any such conspiracies, things have changed with the entry of Helena’s mother.

A smart diplomatic and strategist, she is playing her cards well. However, does that mean she will continue to play her games without being noticed?


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Acharya Chanakya Has a Hint that Somebody Wants to Harm Nandni

Vishnugupt Chanakya shares his concern with Chandragupta Maurya. He says that the person who saved Chandragupta wanted to kill Nandini. He is now alert and has also warned his secret agents (guptchar) in the Ladies section, the Queen’s area and palace.

Will Chanakya Know that it is Helena’s Mother Who is in the Palace With a Motive?

Though the intention of Helena’s mother has been good towards Chandragupta, it would be interesting to see if it continues the same way. After all, she hates Nandini but Chandra and Nandini are intend to fall for each other much to her dismay.

We are sure she would do something or the other that might hint Acharya Chanakya. However, how sooner or later, is still unknown. Nevertheless, the entry of Helena’s mother and her politics ensures that we will witness a lot of mirch masala in the serial just like Jodha Akbar.

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