No Ahankara Cannot Be Asandhimitra – Know the Reasons Why


Chankravartin Ashoka Samrat introduced Ahankara a while ago as Rajkumari of Ujjain. She fell in love with Sushim, Samrat Bindusar’s elder son. However, when she turned out to be a traitor’s daughter he changed his colors. Now, she is fond of Ashoka, the same guy who in spite of her insults helped her during her tough times.

This makes one wonder whether Ahankara is Queen Asandhimitra, Ashoka’s Chief consort?


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Asandhimitra Was from Asandh, Ahankara is from Ujjain

Few of the writers who have written about Ashoka’s chief Queen Asandhimitra mentions that the Queen belonged to the Assandhivat (now Assandh) region. Now Assandh falls in the Karnal district of present day Haryana. On the other hand, Ahankara in the TV serial belongs to the Ujjain kingdom which is a part of modern day Madhya Pradesh. This is a huge evidence that Ahankara cannot be Asandhimitra.

What’s more, Assandh is a Buddhist archaeological site. It has an ancient Buddhist stupa (Kushana Stupa) and is bigger than the Stupa of Sanchi. Built with bricks, this 2000 year old Stupa is 25m high and has a diameter of 75m.

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Ahankara Loved Sushim, Asandhimitra’s background has no such stories

Ashoka was a fiery prince and hated his brothers especially Sushim. So, it is not possible that he would marry a princess whom Sushim left. Besides, his first love was Devi. So, it is obvious that Ahankara is just a fictional character like Justin and Noor.

What’s more, the Great Chronicles or Mahavamsa mentions about Asandhimitra, but there is no such mention about her being an Ujjaini and Sushim’s ex-lover. In fact, it was Devi who belonged to Central India and had connections with Vidisha Nagar and Ujjain.

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In the Beginning, Ashoka was an Underdog and His First Love and Wife was Devi, Not Asandhimitra 

Since Ashoka’s first love was Devi and he married Asandhimitra much later who then became his agramahisi, one simply cannot join dots with Ahankara and Asandhimitra. In addition, here in Colors’ Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial, Ashoka has not met Devi yet but is already friends with Ahankara.

This clearly indicates that Ahankara is simply a fictional character who perhaps might have an important role to play in shaping out Ashoka’s journey. Maybe we shall also see her having soft corner for Ashoka.

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