Will There Be Ahankara – Ashoka Love Story in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Serial?


In the current track of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial, we see how the selfish Sushim ditched his love Ahankara as soon as he got to know about Ujjain naresh Rajajiraj’s reality. In fact, he is using “ahankara” as a tool to make an impression in front of his father. In order to show his fake love towards the matrabhoomi, he is even trying his best to provoke his father Samrat Bindusar to take strict action against her.


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However, Ashok is trying to help Ahankara because he knows she is innocent. In addition, he knows how Sushim has turned his colors post this incident.

Now the question is –

Will Ashoka and Ahankara Fall in Love?

The entire chaos has brought Ahankara and Ashok very close. This princess who once hated and insulted Ashok has now nobody besides her other than him. What’s more when her own lover Sushim (now ex) gave her poison, Ashoka somehow made her meet her father (now a raj drohi). What’s more, the girl who couldn’t even bear Ashok’s presence now has Ashok’s shoulder to cry.

Will this sequence further lead to a fictional love story is something we need to watch.

Will Ashoka Help Ahankara to Prove her Innocence?

Ashoka has a gut feeling that Ahankara is saying the truth, and that she was not involved in the strategy planned by her father. However, Sushim is trying his best to give an impression that even Ahankara was involved. In addition, he is also trying to make her life worse by saying that she in the future might revenge her father’s demise.

It is really shameful to see how Sushim the selfish soul could act in such a way against his own love. Perhaps, this would compel Ashoka to help Ahankara and prove her innocence.

This track makes one wonder whether Ahankara will eventually fall for Ashoka, and if Ashoka too would be in love with Ahankara. While, nothing of this sort is present in the chronicles, you never know if the makers are gearing up for yet another fictional love story!

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