Rani Niharika Will Ask Ashoka’s Hand for Ahankara!

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From past few days Ashoka is playing a game of cat and mouse with Mir Khorasan in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial. However, the game will soon come to an end. According to the reliable sources, Ashoka is all set to expose Mir Khorasan during the Janmashtmi festival.

No, this time it won’t be a dream. Ashoka with the help of Chanakya will dramatize a perfect act where Mir himself will reveal the truth in front of Bindusar.

Ashoka Ahankara Hug & Love

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Next, Ashoka will unfold the truth in front of everybody that he himself is Rani Dharm’s son and Devi Dharma is none other than Rani Subhrasi’s sevika. While, this will shock everybody it will also compel Rani Niharika to change her plan.

Rani Niharika Knows that Ashoka is Bindusar’s Favorite.

Once the truth comes out that Ashoka is Samrat Bindusar’s son, Rani Niharika will have a shift in her plan. The intelligent Rani of Ujjaini and mother of Ahankara knows very well how much Bindusar loves Ashoka and Dharma. So, she will sense it out that Bindusar’s choice to the Magadh throne would obviously be Ashoka and not Sushim. This is the reason why she will ask Ashoka’s hand for Niharika in the coming episodes of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat.

Ahankara Too Loves Ashoka and not Sushim

Ahankara adores Ashoka a lot. It is clear that she is in love with him. However, she has not expressed it as of now. Once it is revealed that it is none other than Ashoka who is Rani Dharma and Samrat Bindusar’s son, Rani Niharika will play a smart card by saying that Ahankara loves Ashoka. She will ensure that Ashoka too reveal his feelings in front of anbody.

Devi Dharma aka Rani Subhadrangi Too Seem To be impressed by Ahankara

On several occasions, Devi Dharma aka Rani Subhadrangi has noticed Ahankar’ behavior. She is not only impressed by her, but have also started liking her. No wonder, the two share same thinking. In the coming episodes, it wouldn’t be surprising if she too will see her as her daughter-in-law. This will make Rnai Niharika’s job easy and effortless. What’s more, Devi Dharma knows that the cruel Sushim is not a good match for the kind Ahankara.

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Bindusara Likes Ahankara and Is Aware of Her Goodness

Samrat Bindusar is already impressed by Ahankara. He would be more than happy to see his son Ashoka tying a knot with a nice girl and that too from a region who constantly tries to revolt against the Mauryan raja.

Rani Niharika will sense all the above things and will not leave any chance to make this happen. So, in the coming episodes it is quite possible that Rani Niharika might ask Samrat Bindusar for Ashoka’s hand for her daughter Ahankara.

What will be Maharani Charumitra and Rajkumar Sushim’s reaction in Chakravrtin Ashoka Samrat? Well that would be worth watching isn’t it?

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