Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Reasons Why Devi Dharma aka Rani Subhadrangi is Loved so much

Devi Dharma Ashoka Mother

Devi Dharma also known as Rani Subhadrangi is Ashoka’s mother and Samrat Bindusar’s second wife. In Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial it is shown that she was abandoned by Samrat Bindusar due to unwanted circumstances.  In spite of lot of problems, she is one of the most beloved characters of Chakravratin Ashoka Samrat serial.

Here we share reasons why we love Devi Dharma also Rani Subhadrangi:

Devi Dharma Ashoka Mother

She is Caring and Affectionate

While all the queens of Samrat Bindusar are selfish, egoistic and self-centered, Devi Dharma is caring and affectionate. She loves all unlike the other queens who can think nothing but hurting other queens and their sons.

She is positive, optimistic and has lot of patience

One of the best qualities of Devi Dharma is that she is quite positive. Though she has suffered a lot in our life, she still promotes positivity. What’s more, she is quite optimistic and is living in a hope that one day everything will be alright.

In spite of being a victim, she is a promoter of good and non-violence

Ever since she was left by Bindusar, she has been living a life of miseries. First, Mir Khorasan tried to kill her and her baby, and then now when she is so close to her husband, she has been framed as a mastermind of an evil plan. However, in spite of all these things, Rani Subhadrangi has always been a good human being. Never did she use wrong means. In fact, she disapproves of violence and is a very kind woman.

She is very helpful

Devi Dharma being kind helps everybody. No matter who rude one might have behaved with her, or how evil a person maybe, she never says “no” to anybody. This is the reason why she saved Agnishikha’s life when Noor had mixed her uptan with irritants. Next, she even helped Noor when Mir had given her opium so that she couldn’t witness the beheading of Rajkumar Justin.

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