Everything You Wanted to know about Alexander’s Sister Cleopatra

In history, there are several Cleopatra that lived and existed in and around Greek, Macedonia and Egypt starting from the daughter of Macedonian King Philip and his wife Olympias. Yes, she was also the biological sister of Alexander the Great. This Cleopatra was born much before the very famous Cleopatra, the ruler of Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt who shared a deep relationship with Julius Ceaser and later with Mark Antony.

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Here we share everything about Alexander’s sister Cleopatra – The Princess of Macedonia

Cleopatra Was the Only True Sister of Alexander the Great

Born in 354 (or 355) BC to King Philip II and his wife Olympias, Cleopatra was 2 years (or 1 year) younger to her only sibling Alexander. She grew up mostly in the care of her mother Olympias at the Macedonian city of Pella. When Philip II fall in love with a Macedonian woman (yet another Cleopatra – Cleopatra Eurydice), Olympias and her son Alexander went into exile to her brother’s kingdom of Epirus but Cleopatra stayed with her father.

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King Philips II Married Cleopatra to Alexander I, the King of Epirus

Fearing that his wife Olympias might manipulate her brother Alexander I, the king of Epirus, the Macedonian King Philips II arranged his daughter Cleopatra’s wedding to him. So, Cleopatra married her maternal uncle and became the Queen of Epirus in October 336 BC.

It was at Cleopatra’s Wedding, her father Alexander I was killed

At the wedding ceremony of Alexander’s sister Cleopatra at Aegae, her father Philip II was murdered by Pausanias of Orestis when he was entering unprotected into the town’s theatre by one of his seven bodyguards. His murderer however escaped with his associates but was later killed by Philip’s bodyguards.

When Alexander I was killed in 331 BC, Cleopatra Ruled Epirus

Alexander I had two children with his wife – Neoptolemus II of Epirus and Cadmeia. When Alexander I died in 331 BC during his quest of capturing the east, Neoptolemus II was too young at that time and so Cleopatra ruled Epirus. Back then, unlike the rest of Greece, it was the Epirote custom that the queen would take the king’s place if he died and his sons were too young.

After the death of her brother, several of his Generals Expressed Their Interest to Marry Her

When Alexander the Great died in 323 BC, almost all his generals in order to strengthen their influence expressed interest in marrying Cleopatra. Leonnatus was the first to claim her hand and he also received a promise of marriage. However, he died in 322 BC. Post his death, it was Perdiccas who tried to send her a proposal followed by three other generals – CassanderLysimachus, and Antigonus. Cleopatra however refused all of these offers.

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Alexander’s Sister Cleopatra was assassinated in 308 BC

When she  gave her consent to a proposal from Ptolemy she was captured and brought to Sardis. It was here she was assassinated in 308 on the orders of Antigonus. She was survived by her son Neoptolemus II who died later in 297 BC.

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