Anupamaa Serial Gossip: Will There Be a Leap Soon?


Anupamaa serial has been gaining a lot of popularity currently. It is one of the most watched TV serials on Star Plus and it is also high on TRPs chart beating some of the most popular TV serials on prime time. With a lot going on currently in the serial there has been speculations that Anupamaa on Star Plus might get a leap soon.

Anupamaa Serial Gossip: Will There Be a Leap Soon?

Everything seems to be haywire in the serial currently – Kavya and Vanraj’s relationship is exposed, Kinjal and Paritosh are unhappily married, Rakhi is in her own created mess, Anupamaa is sad but somehow coping up with her life while Vanraj is highly frustrated with his ‘ghar ka na ghat ka’ situation. Moreover, he has now met with an accident which further makes one think about various angles into the ongoing story.

This has led to many of the fans wondering whether Anupamaa on Star Plus will go through a leap soon, however, the good news is that the producer has clearly mentioned that there would be no leap in the serial as the TV show is doing really well.

Now that the makers have been very clear that the story will revolve around the same timeline, it would be really interesting to see how things will go between Vanraj and Anupamaa. After all, Vanraj will soon undergo a shoulder injury and as we all know it is Anupamaa and only Anupamaa who can really take care of him and his needs.

So, even if Kavya wants to help she cannot be of any help to Vanraj. Now will this twist bring Anupamaa and Vanraj together for good? Well, only time will tell. What do you think will happen?

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