When Arvind Kejriwal Decided to Go on a “Personal Vaacation” out of India

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So Arvind Kejriwal has decided to go on a “personal vacation” out of India, with his family and seems like every other Political Party supporter (except AAP) is visibly pissed about this.

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Supporters of both Congress and BJP are fuming with froth coming out of their nostrils …… And rightfully too.

I mean…..This is ridiculous….. How dare Kejriwal go out of Delhi for a personal trip.

At this moment he should be sitting in Delhi personally sweeping the streets of Delhi and washing them with water on a daily basis.

He should also run around the main polluted areas of Delhi with a device which will suck the pollution out of the air.

In his free time, which he shouldn’t have in the first place, he should be making nose masks and hand it out to the Delhi population himself.

And then he has to go around Delhi, snatching away fireworks from every person who has decided to show the middle finger to the Supreme Court’s firecracker ban order.

Finally he should stand on the borders of Delhi and blow air from his mouth in the opposite direction when the neighboring states start burning their farm waste.

But is he doing any of this? NO 😡😡

He should take an example from Rahul Gandhi who has never gone on a personal leave ever anywhere within or out of India….. Like never. He spends all his time in his constituency Amethi which has been transformed into one of the leading Metros of India.

Or he should take a leaf out of Modi’s book….”Frequent Flyer’s Guide for Dummies” who keeps flying around the world on “official duty” and spends the rest of the time ModiFying India. Ofcourse, Modi doesn’t need to take a personal vacation. Trust me if you get to go to US five times in a private plane on other people’s money you wouldn’t need a vacation either.

Not to mention that he never sleeps and works 25×7 keeping the best interests of Ambani……. Oops the Nation at his heart all the time.

Now, if he can’t do any of this…… Kejriwal should resign. 😡😡😡😡

This post was first published by Darshan Mondkar on his Facebook Timeline.

Disclaimer: The increase in the continuity and the intensity of the velocity of the dust particles in Delhi is directly proportional to the thickness of Kejriwal’s muffler ~ Swami Nityanand 😇

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