Chandra Nandini Spoiler: Is Chandragupta Maurya Faking His Hatred for Chanakya?

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In a strange twist in the serial Chandra Nandni, it is shown that Chandragupta is now against Chanakya, his guru and also the Mahamantri of Magadh. It is interesting to see that Acharaya Chanakya who is a father figure to Chandra not just quits his post but also leaves Magadh forever.

Strangely, Chandragupta  has zero effect of his exit. And much to everybody’s surprise, he even appoints Megasthenes as his new mahamantri.

Helena and Her Mother are Happy

The exit of Chanakya and the appointment of Megasthenes has brought immense happiness into the lives of three people – Helena, Rani Apama and Megasthenes. They have been celebrating as they feel that they have shot the bull’s eye.

However, now that everything is going as planned by Rani Apama, looks like it is just an illusion. The reality is something less.

Chandra Nandini Spoiler: Is Chandragupta Maurya Faking His Hatred for Chanakya?

Chandragupta even in worst scenarios would not mistreat his guru. However, here, he did and immediately appointed the Greek ambassador as his maha mantri. Looks like it is all pre planned and Chandragupta Maurya is just faking it.

You never know if Chanakya too is involved in this and it is his plan only to expose Rani Apama so that she can be punished.

The following track seems to be quite interesting, it would be definitely a treat to watch how Chandragupta and Chanakya together expose the Greeks especially Rani Apama. Watch out for more such Chandra Nandni spoiler.

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