Chandra Nandni Spoiler: Chanakya and Nandini to Join Hands To Expose Apama and Helena!

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In the serial Chandra Nandini, Chanakya is hurt and confused why Chandragupta Maurya is not listening to him when he already knows that Apama is a culprit. However, he is adamant that Apama should be punished for her deeds and should also be stripped from her powers.

After all, he knows that if Queen Apama has the raj mohar she will create big problems not only for the palace but also Magadh. Chanakya is not the one who’ll sit quiet now.

Chandra Nandni Spoiler: Chanakya Will Know that Nandini is Chandrika

Chanakya will brainstorm and realize that only Nandini can help him in exposing Apama and Helena. However, he’ll wonder how will he bring her back. Meantime, he’ll doubt Chandrika. In order to prove his doubt, he’ll do certain things that will bring the reality of Nandini.

Chanakya Will Seek Nandini’s Help and Will Promise to Help Her Too

He will then ask Nandini’s help to expose Apama and Helena. Nandini will say how she didn’t kill Durdhara but was framed. Chanakya will assure his help to her if she gives him enough praman to prove her innocence.

Meanwhile, Helena will see Chandra and Nandini close in his room. This will irritate her and like always in order to separate Nandini from Chandra she will blame her for poisoning Bindusara.

This time however she has no clue that she will fall in her own trap. Yes, according to the latest Chandra Nandni spoiler, Nandini and Chanakya will both watch her together and then bring out the reality in front of Chandra.

Nandini with the help of Chanakya will not only expose Apama but also prove her innocence. We wonder if this track will expose Helena or just Apama. Either way we are happy that Chandra will finally know the truth. What do you think?

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