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Amidst the novel Coronavirus outbreak, we have been getting a lot of forwards, advices and news as to how can we prevent it, combat it and avert the deadly disease from invading us and our loved ones. However, more than the facts and reality, it seems that there has been a wave of myths, misconceptions, rumours and untrue prevention as well as cautionary actions. Here in this article we shall therefore debunk the myths and rumours around the Covid-19 virus by stating out the facts as laid down by the World Health Organization.

Coronavirus Myths Vs Facts: Busting Misconceptions and Rumours on Covid-19

Covid-19 Myth: Spraying chlorine or alcohol can kill the corona virus

Covid-19 Fact: No. Spraying chlorine and/or alcohol will not kill the nCov-19 virus that have already entered your body.

Coronavirus Myth: Taking a hot bath can prevent the new corona virus to enter your body.

Coronavirus Fact: No. It does not. No matter what is the temperature of your bath water, your body temperature remains at 37 degrees. The best way to protect yourself is by frequently washing your hands.

Corona Virus Rumors: The novel Coronavirus can be transmitted through mosquitoes.

Corona Virus Truth: The nCovid-19 is a respiratory virus and cannot be transmitted through mosquitoes

Corona Virus Myth: The new coronavirus cannot be infected in hot and humid climate.

Corona Virus Facts:  From the statistics as well as evidence, the virus can be transmitted in ALL AREAS, including hot and humid weather.

Coronavirus Myths: Snow and cold weather can kill the nCov-19 virus

Coronavirus Fact: Neither snow nor extreme cold weather can kill the novel coronavirus.

nCovid-19 Myth: Hand dryers with high temperature can kill the virus

nCovid-19 Fact: No. Hand dryers are not at all effective in killing the coronavirus

nCovid-19 Myth: Rinsing nose regularly with saline could protect people from the new coronavirus infection. 

nCovid-19 Fact: No, there is no such evidence.

Coronavirus Rumours: Consuming garlic can protect people from coronavirus

Coronavirus Facts: Garlic is a healthy food with antimicrobial properties. However, there is no evidence that eating garlic has protected people from the current outbreak,

Covid-19 Misconception: Only old people and people with pre-existing medical conditions are vulnerable to becoming severely ill with 2019-nCoV

Covid-19 Reality: People of all ages can be infected by the new virus. WHO advises every individual irrespective of their age to take appropriate steps to protect themselves by following good hand and respiratory hygiene.

Coronavirus Misconception: New specific medicines have been conceived to prevent or treat the new coronavirus

Coronavirus Reality: Till date, there is no specific medicine to prevent or treat the 2019-nCoV

2019-nCoV Myth: Antibiotics can prevent coronavirus

2019-nCoV Facts: No. antibiotics help against bacteria, not virus.

So while you keep distance from rumours and fake news do not forget to share such Coronavirus Myths vs Facts creatives straight from World Health Organization with your friends and loved ones so as to keep everything safe and sound.

Be a covidient. Share facts not myths!

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