Debunking the Myth Around Money esp. Money Is the Root of all Evils

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Whether it is the western thought process or eastern concept, it is widely believed that ‘money’ is the root of all evils. So, while dreaming big and thinking to attract and/or manifesting money, majority of us in the mainstream often stumble across few questions – “Does money really bring misery?”, “Will economic and material prosperity bring sadness and discontent with it?”, “Will more money bring more problems with it?” etc etc etc. This dilemma is so effective that it often disturbs our process of attracting and manifesting more money – whether it is for our business, home-based needs or even for investing in personal growth.

This takes us back to the million-dollar question – Is money the root of all evils? Well, let me explain to you as I jumpstart debunking the myths around money as well as about people wanting to attract more money.

Now, tell me one thing, does affluence bring misery and/or suffering? Does by any chance prosperity bring sorrow and grief? In fact, don’t you find the opposite stands true? Every time there is money, we feel strong and confident as we have sufficient resource to do something and/or to fulfill ours as well as other’s needs. Besides, isn’t money that brings comfort and convenience? Now, think for a second, can comfort and convenience become the cause of suffering?

In fact, it is money that allows a cancer patient to go through chemotherapy sessions and recover fast, it is money that allows a farmer to buy the best seeds/fertilizers/nutrients/machinery from the market to nurture a highly nourishing crop for you to eat and ultimately, it is money that permits all of us to live and sustain. Then why is it money bad or evil? Why is that money is a wicked thing in our society when all we need is money to get access even to the basic resources like electricity and water supply?

Well, neither money nor the desire to make more money brings suffering, it is one’s foolishness that fetches suffering. If one decides that the minute money enters their life, they are certain to become a fool, yes, suffering will come. It is a person’s stupidity and foolishness that brings misery, not the money. In fact, money, prosperity, and affluence are beautiful as it gives you the supremacy not only to do something for yourself but also for your family, immediate circle as well as society.

Think of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. Now did more money make them bad or evil? Instead, money gave them the power to fulfill not just their dreams and goals but also the strength to contribute their funds in community services including education, health, and economic development. Same goes with many other rich people of the world including Angelina Jolie who have been serving not just people of their own country, but the entire human race.

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No, Money Doesn’t Bring Misery…It is Just One of the Many Money Myths

You might now tell me, hey, look, Deepti, I can give you several examples where money made people go crazy and nuts, it made them arrogant and also changed their attitude towards people, ultimately bringing them misery. Well, like I said before, it isn’t the money that does the destruction, but the stupidity that brings the suffering and unhappiness. Yes, money is not misery. Stupidity is, and always be misery. Whether you are religiously stupid or financially stupid—it really doesn’t matter. There are various kinds of religious fanatics; do you really think they are happy?

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So many of the people go to churches, temples, mosques every day; do you see radiant joyful happy faces, when they come out? On the contrary, have you ever seen people coming out of restaurants? I have always seen more happiness and fulfillment on their faces than people coming out of the temple/churches/mosque. Interestingly, while, people coming out of restaurants are blissfully happy and content, the same cannot be said about those coming out of temples/churches and mosques. In fact, quite often when they come out, all you hear is gossip. What a shame – A pizza can do more than what the divine can do! However, the question here is not about the divine or pizza or money. If human beings handle things inappropriately, they are likely to attract misery. It isn’t about money at all.

Money Is Neither a Limited Resource Nor Is Hard to Earn By

Contrary to the popular misconception about money, it is an absolute tool of empowerment. This is precisely the reason why several people like me and others want to attract and manifest this unlimited resource. No, it isn’t because we are materialistic or we want to show how powerful we are, but we are in love with money because we respect money. No wonder, money has the capability to expand our business, fulfill our personal as well as family needs, generate employment through our businesses, or perhaps set a social business, make others join the revolution to address the social problems in a society where we live in.

Debunking Myths around Money

No, money is not the root of all evils, procrastination is! And it is the procrastinators who have widely propagated money as evil. Have you ever seen a positive person with an abundant mindset talking ill about money? Did you ever find a highly successful entrepreneur who has been serving greatly through his/her business-like Elon Musk and Larry Page ever cursing money? No, because money isn’t bad; it is simply a resource. And, if you want to create big incredible things as a person/businessman you need to have abundant prerequisite resources which of course includes money.

And let me tell you, every limiting belief you have heard about money (that money is hard to earn by, money doesn’t grow on trees, money is a limited resource etc), the flip side is just as true as the actual belief that you believe. Knowing that, we can reframe everything. Once you reframe, once you shift, once you start seeing money differently, it pops you out of the negative mindset around money.

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Debunking the Myths Around Money – Yes, We Can Change Our Belief/Mindset

With lessons from the past and off-putting belief surrounding money and wealth, we all are stuck in one little box with our own limiting theories around money. Although we have access to many things inside the box, we often cannot find solutions that are placed outside our own boxes. And this is precisely where coaches, mentors, and teachers play a key role as they give us solutions by asking us to look outside the box.

With me, my limiting belief around money came to a standstill post coming across physical as well as metaphysical secrets in a virtual mastery club by two amazing master coaches – Autumn Clifford and Lisa Vaz. The duo through training, resource (from ancient knowledge to modern techniques), tool and support (1-1 call) have been harnessing not only my mindset around money and business but also helping me to transform my life positively by pushing all the mainstream thing aside and give me access into some real manifesting. Everything they teach has been used by them to attain results. Moreover, these guys shave 20+ years of experience and have been training many people online over the years. What I like about them is that they are accessible all the time even for tiniest of the problem.

After all, all it needs is a good dose of coaches, mentors, and teachers to change our age-old pessimistic and ugly belief around $$$$

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Interestingly, money has nothing to do with the economy, who the President is, how much money your parent had, how smart you are or how much your IQ or EQ is. If that was the case there wouldn’t have been so many first-generation multi-billion entrepreneurs. Also, if money would have been evil, you wouldn’t have seen these multi-billion entrepreneurs turning philanthropist.

This reminds me of Tony Robbins quote –

 “Change your story, change your life. Divorce the story of limitation, and marry the story of the truth and everything changes.”

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