Law of Attraction: How to Process Your Mind to Get Everything That You Desire

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All the human work that you see on this planet first found expression in the mind and only then got manifested in the outside world. So, one thing we need to understand is, the wonderful things we have done on this planet, and the horrible things that we have done on the planet, both have come from the “human mind.” (Law of attraction).

So, if we are concerned as to what we create in this world, it is extremely important that we learn to create the right things in our mind. If we do not have the power to keep our minds the way we want it, what we create in the world is also going to be accidental and haphazard.

This is the reason why learning to create our minds the way we want is the basis of creating the world, the way we want.

Law of Attraction: Thoughts become Things. You Manifest What you Think

There is a wonderful story in the yogic law – On a certain day, a man went for a long walk. Accidentally, unaware, he walked into the paradise. After this long walk, he felt little tired. So he thought, “Oh! I’m tired, I wish I could rest somewhere.” He looked around, there was a nice tree, underneath there was the cushioning grass. It was inviting. So, he went there and slept.

After a few hours, he woke up. Well rested, and he thought, “Oh, I’m well rested but I’m feeling hungry, I wish I had something to eat.” And he thought of all the nice things that he always wanted to eat in his life. Instantly all those things appeared in front of him.

Hungry people don’t ask questions. Food came and he ate. Stomach became full, then he thought, “Oh, my stomach is full but I’m feeling thirsty, I wish I had something to drink.” And he thought about all the nice things that he ever wanted to drink in his life. All of the things appeared in front of him. Drinking people also don’t ask questions. So, he drank.

Now with a little bit of alcohol in him, he just looked around and wondered what the hell is going around here. I asked for food, food came. I asked for drink, drink came. There must be ghosts around here, he thought and immediately he was surrounded by ghosts.

“Oh the ghost have come, they are going to surround me and torture me, he thought”. Immediately, the ghosts surrounded him and started torturing him. Then he started screaming in pain and said, “Oh they are going to kill me” and he died.

Just now he said he is a fortunate being. The problem is, he was sitting under a Kalpavriksha – the wishing tree. Whatever he asked for, he got in return. Now, don’t go looking for these Kalpavriksha in the forest, these days you can barely find a tree.

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Law of Attraction: You Can Manifest Anything That you Want

A well established mind, a mind which is in a state of some yukti is referred to as a kalpavriksha. If you organize your mind to a certain level of organization, it organizes the whole system – your body, your emotions, your energies. Everything is organized in the direction.

Once all these 4 dimensions of you – your physical body, your mind, your emotion, and the fundamental life energies are organized in one direction, anything that you wish happens without even lifting a little finger actually.

It would help to assist it with activity but even without doing any activity you can still manifest anything that you want – if you organize these four dimensions in one direction and keep it unwavering in that direction.

Become a Human Kalpavriksha

Right now the problem with your mind is that every moment it is changing it’s direction. It is like you want to travel somewhere but if in every two steps you keep on changing your direction, the question of you reaching your destination is very remote, unless it happens by chance.

So, organizing our minds and inter organizing the whole system along with these four basic dimension of who you are right now in one direction is important. If you do this, you are a Kalpavriksha yourself – Anything you wish will happen (Simple, Law of attraction!).

Organizing our minds fundamentally means moving from a compulsive state of activity to a conscious state of activity. You might have heard of people, who may ask for something and beyond all expectation it becomes true for them. Generally this happens to people who are in faith.

Now, let’s say you want to build a house. If you start thinking, “Oh I want to build a house and to build a house I need 50 lakhs, but I have only 50 Rs. in my pocket – not possible, not possible, not possible.”

The moment you say not possible, you are also saying I don’t want it. On one level you are creating a desire of something, and on the another level you are saying – I don’t want it. So, in this conflict, it may not happen.

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Faith – The Ultimate Key to What You Seek

Someone who has some faith – in a God, or in a temple or whatever, who has a simple mind, things work out for them. Faith works only for people who are simple minded, thinking people who are in too much thinking, for them, it never works.

A child like person who has a simple faith in his God, in his temple or whatever – He goes to the temple and says, “Shiva, I want a house. I don’t know how, you must make it for me.” Now in his mind there are no negative thoughts. Will it happen, will it not happen, is it possible, is it not possible – These things are completely removed by the simple act of faith.

Now he believes Shiva will make it for him and it will happen. So, Is Shiva going to come and build the house? No, God won’t lift his little finger for you. What you refer to as a God is a source of creation. As a creator, he has done a phenomenal job. There is no question about it.

However, if you want life the way you want to be, first of all – how you think, with how much focus you think, how much stability is in your thought and how much reverberance is in your thought will determine whether your thought will become a reality or is it just an empty thought.

The thought that, is it possible or not possible, is destroying humanity. What is possible or not possible is not your business, it is nature’s business. Your business is just to strive for what you want.

Right now, you are here sitting and reading the article. If I ask you, “Can you fly?”, you’ll say no. If I ask you, “Can you get up and walk?”, you’ll say yes. What is the basis of this answer. Why are you saying no to flying and yes to walking?

Simply because of all the past experiences of life. After all, many a times you have got up and walked, but never did you fly off. In other words, you are using the past experience of life as a basis for deciding whether something is possible or not possible. In other words, you have decided that what has not happened in your life till now, cannot happen in your life in future.

This is a disgrace to humanity and the human spirit. What has not happened on this planet till now can happen tomorrow. Human beings are capable enough of making it possible tomorrow. So what is possible and what is not possible is not your business, it is nature’s business – Nature will decide that. You just see what is it that you really want and strive for that.

And if your thought is created in a powerful way without any negativity, without any negative thoughts, bringing down the intensity of the thought process, it will definitely manifest.

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Your thought is a vibration, if you generate a powerful thought and let it out, it will always manifest itself. So, generally people are using faith as a means to remove the negative thought.

Once you have become thinking human beings your faith is not too deep, it doesn’t matter how much faith you think you have, somewhere doubts crop up. This moment if God appears right here, you will not surrender to him, you’ll want an investigation whether he is really God or not – with this kind of mind, you should really not waste your time in faith.

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So, there is an alternative, which is commitment. If you simply commit yourself to create what you really care for, you organize yourself to receive what you seek. So, to get what you really want, first and foremost, what you really want should be manifested in your mind – like, this is what I want.

Start exploring. Once that is clear and we are committed to that we want, there is a continuous thought process in that direction. Once you can maintain a steady stream of thought without changing direction, definitely what you want is going to happen in your life or it will definitely manifest as a reality in your life.

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So, either you make this human form into a Kalpavriksha or you make it into one big mess which is happening all over.

P.S. – This post on Law of Attraction is inspired by a speech made by Jaggi Vasudev commonly renowned all over the world as Sadhguru.

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