Democracy in India and The US: Comparison And Contrast

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The op-ed describes the current cultures of India and the US in different notions. As of now India is regarded as largest democracy of the globe and the US being the most powerful nation across the world is having a democracy which in comparatively new in context to the 200 years ‘old legacy of India.

Image Courtesy: Flickr
Image Courtesy: Flickr

Democracy in India and the United States

But after the Presidential elections of the USA, it’s now clear that India is having a better form of democracy because no one here can chase and blow his or her own trumpet.

In the last elections of 2014 the media and Congress backed opposition wanted to reject Hindu fundamentalist Narendra Modi but ultimately it wasn’t possible because of his marketing ability and sharp reactiveness.

But in America, we have seen many derogatory remarks against Hillary by Trump and his influenced media and most often Donald J Trump’s criticism went simply below the belt and this kind of culture is normally not found in India.

It’s not possible in India to make a strike by giving a slogan like “Modi is not my PM” but we have seen protests against Trump from New York to Boston by Hillary supporters. I’ll only blame Donald as the creator of these things because he started disrespecting a dignified lady in many national platforms during and before the elections.

Most of his comments and criticism were anti-democratic by nature. He had given many irresponsible statements during the Presidential debates. Now the denizens are just following his style. Leaders create followers like God creates devotees. If the opposition doesn’t accept the winning candidates then there might be an eruption of disturbances and emergency kind of chaotic situations.

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The anti-Muslim, anti-feminism, anti-homosexuality, anti-global climate philosophies of Trump are highly criticized by the protestors of the new great American again. But in a real democratic country like America, no citizen has got the right to discard the electoral success of any President.

The Hillary supporters are claiming that in spite of the defeat Hillary Clinton is still having more vote share or public support than Trump. We can date back to 2000 to realize George W Bush and Donald J Trump are sharing equal levels of good fortune.

But the massive protest by the current American mob is anti-national. Now I am again confused on this crucial debate – Is America practicing real democracy? This is so because I have always loved American culture and poetry being an Indian Professor carrying out some academic pursuits.

On the contrary, in India, even Lord Ramachandra had learned from his enemy Ravan during the last battle before the latter died and PM Modi has experimented with concepts like “Demonetisation, Masterstroke, and Surgical Strikes” and it’s evident that he has taken all these from Congresswoman Indira Gandhi.

I can call it phenomenal. OMG! Americans are gradually getting DE- glamorous by practicing “Intolerance.” Indians love all. I’m just skeptical about the consequences of postmodernism of America which are going create a storm and turmoil in Indian potential investment market too.

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