Donald Trump Quotes on Women, Immigration, America & Politics!

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US Presidential candidate Donald Trump is known for his quotes, remarks, and statements. Sometimes silly, sometimes outrageous, he has been receiving a lot of flak because of his quotes and remarks on almost every subject especially his outlook towards women in general.

While, the GOP front-runner is busy campaigning for the Presidential elections, here we share some of the Donald Trump Quotes – the weird, the ridiculous and the best!

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Donald Trump Quotes On Women! 

Donald Trump is so much obsessed with the fairer sex that he cannot stop but talk about them even when it is not required. And yes, he cannot stop but boast about how beautiful women is attracted to him.


Interestingly, after passing a lot of outrageous and weird remarks on women, Donald Trump said all his comments on women were for entertainment.

Donald Trump Offensive Quotes On Women!



Donald Trump Quotes On Hillary Clinton!

Donald J. Trump addresses Hillary Clinton as crooked Hillary and doesn’t miss a chance to pass a remark on everything that is related to her.



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Quotes From Donald Trump On Mexico and Immigration!

Trump’s inflammatory remarks on Mexico –



Quotes From Donald Trump On Obama!

Well, he has openly stated that Obama’s Birth Certificate is a fake document.


Donald Trump Quotes On America

Donald Trump might be silly when it comes to hitting out his opponents, but his penance to ‘Make America Great Again’ is quite evident.



Donald Trump Sayings On Politics, & Government




Donald Trump Sayings On American Politics and Government –


Quotes From Donald Trump On Taxes!

America First!


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Donald Trump Sayings On Himself!

Trump is quite a flamboyant and he cannot stop but talking about himself. He has few quotes that glorify him as a person –



Quotes From Donald Trump for His Haters!


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