If Hillary Clinton Is So Bad, Why Don’t Statistics Show It?

The United States of America is going to get its new President and Vice-President in the month of November. The op-ed is going to draw special attention to the major conclusive elements of this star war – Hillary vs. Donald Trump. The most favored candidates are of course Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Let’s now scrutinize how lady luck is likely to overpower – in short what can be the magnetism and charisma of this dynamic woman. There are three large scale fribbles-notoriety, reflex and volubility about her. The coming next arrows will be winning flights for Hillary.

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Happy-Go-Lucky: Although the voters didn’t like her a presidential candidate initially, the trend is reverse now because of coolness. People of USA have developed a certain happiness factor towards her. This is a major breezy point.

Background and Know-how: Hillary has gathered a lot of momentum due to her outstanding contribution towards international politics and services. Because of her grasp and accomplishments she has gained a lot.

Bonding and Emotions: Clinton’s third precedence will be her close proximity to the White House officials. She has lived there for many wonderful years. She knows the culture and sentiments.

Brand building: She has also done a lot of brand building to invalidate the stringent bottlenecks like media issues correspondent to falsehood and goodness. She has now become bronco-buster of brand new anarchy of Great America.

Distinctive Upper hand: She has got many distinctive qualities like democracy and public esteem which can bring her a crowning glory.

Women are usually better managers: She is a denotation to femininity. She is strong and vocal who represents modern management tricks in this dubious culture. Hillary has got many natural instincts and is probably going to continue the legacy of her hubby.

Controversy management: She has brilliantly managed any controversy and seems to a family woman who has shown tremendous care towards her hubby and kids.

One who can save her family –can save the nation too: During the past, she remains silent when Bill was in trouble. She has maintained good work-life even if the media vibes were against her better half. Family saved means nation saved.

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Indianization- She is likely to get votes from Indian Americans because of her brand familiarity with Indian mass. Hillary Clinton is a more popular human brand than Donald Trump in India because of early intrusion into Indie culture.

East or West – Hillary is the Best.

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