These 10 Depression Quotes About Life & Love Explains How Depression Feels Like

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Depression is one of the worst things that a person can ever suffer. It is like waking up to a nightmare every day. Nothing seems alright. Hopelessness, sorrow, fear, terror, loneliness and negativity surrounds like a leech.

Nobody seems to understand your depression, not even your close friends and it continues to multiply like a cancer cell, making you sluggish, lethargic and dull. It is one of the most unpleasant things to experience.

Here we share 10 Depression Quotes About Life & Love Explains How Depression Feels Like

Quotes and Sayings on Depression

The fog of depression is nothing but a cage without any key. It totally engulfs you making you feel bizarre and lonely.

Quotes on Depression

Yes, depression is like a bruise on the mind that doesn’t cease to go. The feeling simply makes you.

Quotes on Depression

The Negativity!


Depression Quotes

Past mistakes and failures and the strange connection with depression, sorrow and pain!


Quotes on how to naturally treat depression

The remedy


Quotes and Sayings on Depression

Emptiness, fear and complete hopelessness


Sayings and Quotes on Depression

The everyday fear


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Depression Quotes on Life and Love


Art and Creativity: The Depression Remedies


Depression Quotes


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Naturally treat Depression


Yes, depression is the most miserable feeling. It is nothing less than cancer. So please be calm while you talk and/or handle a person who is going through depression. Be kind and considerate please.

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