Can You Really Make Money with Surveys?

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Do a Google search for “ surveys ” and you will find hundreds of them, most of them offering a good amount of money for just a few minutes of your time working at home.

Can you really make Rs.100 to Rs.200 for an hour by answering a few questions? Can you really receive cool and fancy items just for your opinion? Are online surveys a genuine way to make money?

The answer is yes…and no.


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Online Surveys: Pros and Cons

For making quick money, Surveys are a good alternative. No wonder, there are few legitimate sources that offer fancy items as well as cash in exchange of your opinions. So, you can indeed make money from surveys. However, if you ask, “Can I make enough money from surveys so that I can stay at home, and just do surveys to earn a steady income?” The answer to that is, “Probably not!”

There are plenty of reputed companies that pay for surveys, but the payout is not more than Rs.100 per survey. Only in cases of extensive surveys, where you are asked to try out a product of a particular brand, you get paid more. Nonetheless, these tests take few weeks

So, even if you take surveys all day long, the odds of being able to pay the bills with the payout from survey money alone, are very, very slim.

The Survey Scam

Genuine survey websites never asks you to pay for surveys. So, if any website asks you to pay some money to answer their questions, it is apparently a rip-off. The reason being, these websites might offer you a few thousand rupees at the start, however, soon they’ll find new ways to charge you for more surveys. In the end, you’ll end up giving them more than what you earned.

It’s the survey scam!

Even if you do find legitimate survey companies, the money they offer is paltry compared to what you would be making from any other home-based job.

For instance, I spent a week taking surveys on various sites that promised good money for doing so. In the end, I found that only two of them lived up to their promises. In addition, the cheques came  few weeks later.

I received my first cheque of Rs.1500 + after taking long, complicated surveys that demanded a few hours of my time. That’s not even minimum wage of the invested time!

Online Data Entry Jobs

This is the reason I have been recommending ‘online data entry jobs’ as there are plenty of data entry job providers who not just allows you to work online but also helps you to earn a steady income. There are plenty of options online where you can register. However, you need to improve your typing speed as the speed is directly linked to your earned income. Higher the speed, higher will be the income.

So, while there are chances of spamming in survey sites, data entry jobs are genuine and authentic. However, there are sites like SureJob that provide free access to survey sites and other data entry jobs in case you are looking for data entry or online survey job.

The Conclusion:

If you wish to take surveys just for fun, go for it. However, just don’t expect to earn heaps from online surveys!

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