From a Dominating Guy to a Hen-Pecked Boyfriend – Signs You Have Made Him Henpecked

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We all have friends and they come in all sizes, shapes, and personalities. We love them all no matter how arrogant they are or how timid they seem to be. After all, they are the knight in shining armor ready to be your shield no matter what the situation is.

For instance, I love my friend enormously. He is kind of dominating in everything. Of course, it is good to have a friend who leads. After all, in their company, you are relaxed as they take the charge of everything.

However, it was quite shocking to see my dominating friend turning into a henpecked boyfriend, soon after he got involved with a new girl. Yes, unfortunately, it did happen. There were visible changes in him and shoo, we cannot even call him when we want now.

via Pixabay
via Pixabay

Though it a boon to have a boyfriend who respects a girlfriend and understands her but a boyfriend who stays quiet and nods his head for anything that the gf tends to believe in, doesn’t remain the same anymore.

Let’s share some signs that signals whether you as a girlfriend /wife is turning your boyfriend/husband hen-pecked or not –

He Almost Agrees to Everything You Say

If your boyfriend/husband is agreeing to everything what you say or accepting every demand of yours no matter how dumb or inconvenient it is, then chances are you have made him henpecked. If because of you he is not talking to his best friends or is restricting his activity, then you are surely making him go in the wrong direction.

He is Backing Off from His Wants/Wishes

If he has stopped trying to defend about his wish, needs and requirement in front of you and is not openly expressing in front of you that he needs to do certain things in certain style, then perhaps he is turning into a hen-pecked partner.

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He Isn’t Complaining About ‘Space’

Out of sheer possessiveness, you ain’t giving him his much needed space, and even trying to control him from whom he talks. And, he isn’t complaining but adjusting as per your demand.

He Now Rarely Speaks Up Even When There is Need

Silence is one of the most common and peculiar signs. Well, men who figure out that a nagging gf/wife won’t keep quiet until they have their own way, they eventually maintain their silence. Well, they will neither disagree nor express their views/opinion even if there is a need.

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Well, here are some of the visible signs that you can see in him if he is turning henpecked. Watch him out as a hen-pecked husband is surely not every woman’s dream.

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