House Ventilation Tips: How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in a Room with No Windows

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Often due to constricted space and less area, houses and buildings are made in such a way that at times there are no windows or balcony in a room. Real estate builders in old city in India are so restricted on space that they construct flats that have windows that open in the duct area. While, many of the home buyers do not prefer such flats, there are plenty of buyers who compromise with such a purchase.

Now if you have a room/flat that do not have window and/or balcony that faces outside into an open space you would be facing the problem called, ‘lack of air in flow’. Interestingly, there are ways you recycle the air and improve the indoor air quality.

Here are few house ventilation tips that you can apply to improve the indoor air quality of your room with no windows:

Living Room with No Windows

Let the door to the room be open as often as possible. You can even keep it half open using the door stop. Open the windows in the nearby rooms so that there is enough room for fresh air to pass. When it comes to living room without windows, keep minimum furniture. Stuffing up may only disrupt the airflow inside. However, keeping air-purifying plants can be of great help, both to the health of you and your room.

Bedroom without Windows

You can apply everything mentioned above. In addition, you can install air-conditioner in your bedroom. After all, ACs are not just for cooling purpose it offers effective ventilation too as it circulates healthy and fresh air. In order to maintain your boudoir mildew free such that it isn’t claustrophobic, air-conditioners are healthy airy option.

Windowless Bathroom

When it comes to house ventilation tips, there has been a lot of study and discussion around how to keep bathrooms ventilated enough to remove bathroom moisture and smells, the only easy and most affordable solution is that of exhaust fans. Yes, exhaust fans are not just limited to kitchens. In fact, when it comes to bathroom ventilation, they are beneficial in a way you would have never thought possible.

Take for instance the wall mounted exhaust fans – It is connected to the external wall of the room and readily allows the inside air to go outside through the exhaust fan itself. Besides, there are several types of exhaust fans available in the market for bathrooms without windows including inline exhaust fans, exterior exhaust fans and ceiling mounted exhaust fans

Kitchen with no windows

A kitchen without a window is a big problem when it comes to ventilation. However, the ventilation of a small kitchen without a window can be managed easily. Well, you can always have a large extractor fan that can easily take away all the moisture and steam that builds up when you cook your food. Regarding stale smell, you can always install exhaust fans so that it not only expels the inside smell but also refresh the inside air.

Poor ventilated room can result in minor allergies and illness along with headaches. This is the reason why having proper knowledge of house ventilation is quite useful especially in rooms with no windows. Do you have such house ventilation tips too? Do let us know –

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