How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Online Business

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Social media is one of the most powerful tool to bring in money and grow your online business as you have access to billions of people on a single platform. It is interesting how people are forgetting about their email and other curriculums but not forgetting to open their social media account first day in the morning especially Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

A way to impact thousands of people, social media not only monetizes your business but also guarantees your ideal client. The added advantage of social media is that it gives you freedom to work at our own flexible time.

Now if you are wondering, how can you use Social Media to grow your online business, here are some of the techniques used by successful business coach:

Be Authentic as a Professional

Be professional but at the same time remain yourself. You don’t have to be generic. This will attract more people to you and your business. Use your passion, humour along with your unique traits.

Remember, you don’t have to sound perfect, but valuable. It is ok to be vulnerable at times. It will only make you look and appear real.

Prepare A Marketing Strategy

If you fail to make a plan, you plan to fail. So, before you begin, ensure that you choose something that you deeply believe in. Have a clear structure on how you want to market your business.

At any time, choose at least three social media platforms. Be consistent and take time to schedule every activity during weekends. Build a clear strategy and work on it timely and consistently.

Follow the 80-20 Formula

While promoting yourself or your business on social media, make sure that you give your audience 80% of valuable content/information and only 20% of offerings like sale. Never overdo the selling part.

After all, it is all about providing value to your ideal client. Add value to your business and content every day. Give them something to learn from you each day. Let you be their source of knowledge.

To Grow Your Online Business, Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to success whether it is an online business or offline business. So, if you show up every day even if you don’t like, it increases your visibility and allows you to build the ‘likes’ ‘loves’ and trust.

Giving your audience something to expect and be excited for, can really be a gamechanger. If you come online daily through lives (Facebook live, Instagram live, Periscope) give people enough to learn through various sources – PDFs, ebooks and even talk about your own daily lessons, your audience will wait for your updates.

Engage Engage Engage

Staying engaged with your audience helps you to build relationship not just with your immediate clients but your potential customers as well. Moreover, staying engaged to your audience by commenting increases your visibility as it pops up on newsfeed which in turn makes people look around the post you just made.

Besides, when you engage with people it shows your commitment and dedication towards your work. So, be active, remain visible at all times, show up every day, make engaging statuses and try to reply people as much as you can.

Sell Without Appearing Salesy

Give your audience enough value. The more value you give in, the more people you’ll attract. Take them on a journey with you. Help them to see how much your services would help them to succeed. Show them that you can help them achieve success.

Let them look and scroll down to your offerings and services rather you telling them about your sales items every now and then on your social media page.

Invest in Yourself

Every successful person has a coach, a strategy and a plan. So, in order to grow yourself, invest in  programs that can help you in growing and learning more in your online business. Speak about new trainings and courses that you are undertaking.

Let them know how you are learning new things everyday to improve you and your business. Your audience will know your value and worth which in turn will make them invest in your business voluntarily.

While you follow these rules, ensure you avoid doing certain Don’ts too. Don’t ever try to fake it or sell something without adding value on social media. Don’t appear as you ‘know it all’ and/or act as a person who is highly unprofessional. Always be respectful and handle trolls with care.

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