The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Human Resource by 2050

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In my career, I have conducted many interviews and read thousands of articles. Thus I visualized something which is far ahead of time. This research publication has taken into consideration few factors which are going to play a critical role in future. This scoop is a kind of forecasting about the future of HR dynamics by 2050.

There might be many disrupters in market places and business is going to be turbulently affected by these changes related to technology, universal commerce, global manpower, artificial intelligence, data science, collaborative ventures, numerous product cycles, quick layoffs, rapid technical skills obsolesce. Since predictions will be quite difficult, there might be different breeds of employees in this work sphere like part timers, full timers,

Since predictions will be quite difficult, there might be different breeds of employees in this work sphere like part timers, full timers, project-based employees, agents, community-based workers and so on.

Appointment Letter Interview Tips

The Future of Human Resource Dynamics by 2050

Permanent jobs are soon going to be out of fashion. There would be lots of hectic talent management and challenges related to sourcing due to this knowledge transfer and/or exchange between organizations , society and social media. The whole world may be highly connected due to cheaper mobile telephony and aggravated cloud computing which would lead to many personal and virtual interfaces – the new media of 2050 to play a dynamic role.

Hence due to virtual collaboration and multiple networking, the product development would be purely feedback based and people officers may occupy CEO position in the ages to come because HR people are always good people.

Further because of 24×7 operation based new corporate and social policies, micro task masters will be playing very important roles and females plus Indians to occupy talented positions in any organization to handle purpose driven versatile roles and responsibilities. Machines and robots to replace human tasks!

Everywhere there will be a global automation and relationships can be truly augmented to enhance the productivity. The world might face problems like unemployment and delayed re-employment. Welcome back policies are going to be obsolete.

Many new leadership roles like managerial engineers, global talent coach, multi-cultural net based architects, technology & talent designers, data administrators, global- social activist, customer/community engagement experts will be evolving. The traditional HR practices will come to a dead end. It will be totally obsolete.

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Should your firm be creating these capabilities? Will these factors reside in your future HR function, your leadership, or your line managers?  Will your strategy for this talent include professionals in procurement, marketing, finance, operations, business development and external relations? Innovate, Ideate, Rethink and Act-That’s the Mantra. This is what speaks Professor Dave Ulrich-the father of modern human resource management.


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