Indian Customer Culture of 2016:Opportunities and Changing Dimensions

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Today every customer that enters into your office decorum is probably regarded as an emperor of modern business kingdom and also the prince because of the growing importance of kids in global market place.

So every marketer is trying to ideate many strategies to advertise its products to carve a niche in this stiff competition. Selling to prospective customers has moved far beyond mere monetary and economic transaction between a professional and client.

Via Pixabay
Via Pixabay

The Customer Culture of 2016

The corporate go getters are now having many experiences to sale. The salesman is into innovation sharing and thus pressing the hardest to give an utmost larger than life experience to the valued customers.

The article merely reflects the mundane tasks to gel well with the new customer dynamics of this vibrant customer centric era. Here are the steps:

Basically, we need to have a vision which should be created in tune with a survival mentality. It’s nothing but thinking beyond money making. Because any volatile business set up can only survive if it is not too much profit oriented. They have to create bigger value additions or in plain words, real value for money invested by the customers and stakeholders in their product or company brands.

Trusting your own people would be another strategic value point in this crux. It’s occupying highest traffic in the terminal value chain of modern business prodigy.

American corporates like HP by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard have nicely blended these ideologies into main stream to maintain their legacies and old camaraderie. It even uses to have a Family Day for all its employees where the whole family of a bottom of pyramid can even interact with the top shots.

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So as a businessman we need take care of our own family then we ought to manage others. Third one is process and product innovations, in fact discoveries and new inventions related to the 7Ps of marketing.

The world is now full of mind blowing ideas, you need to capitalize and share. Delighting customers is not enough; we have to roughly sell a memorable experience to our customer and it should be a big thing.

We are now in a transit point.We have to give our valuable customers-both internal staff and external customers something beyond their regular expectations.

It’s again a matter of choice-if you won’t give million others will ideate. The following things are very important to handle the new customer culture of 2016-alliance, thirst for new technology, networking, brand buliding, new advances and/or expansion, market research, reach product history, global ventures and so on. All we need to create is an ecosytem where everybody should take the risk to fame and credibility.

This is not the end. It’s just a new dawn.The article is open for further research.Would be glad if somebody can make further additions to this hypothesis.

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Below are the edited quotes given by legendaries like Bill Hewlett and David Packard

1. The greatest success goes to the person who doesn’t care to fail in front of even the largest audience.
2. Set out to build an organization and make a contribution, not an empire and a fortune.
3. The best possible company management is one that unites a sense of corporate greatness and destiny, with empathy for, and fidelity to, the average employee.
4. The biggest competitive advantage is to do the good thing at the worst time.
5. A company that focuses solely on profits ultimately looses both itself and society.
6. Corporate reorganizations should be made for cultural benefits more than financial ones.
7. A frustrated employee is a greater obstacle than a merely unhappy one.
8. The job of a manager is to support his or her colleagues, not vice versa and that begins by being among them.
9. The best business decisions are the decisions with human factor. And, all other talents being even, the greatest managers are also the most human managers. (


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