You are Losing Money by Not Using These 10 Trends of 2016!

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In the hegemony of MNCs and/or foreign players, this slim write-up is going to talk about few emerging cultural trends of 2016. Hope the readers would bank upon. These scenting game stands are clinically indicated down the line.

Swadeshi Movement and Economic Independence: This revolution was started under the dynamic leadership of Baba Ramdev & Co. Patanjali products are now available in O2O format for the patients and wellness mongers. Today, Baba Ramdev’s “2000 crores” marketing strategy has cleared all obstacles because of its price competitiveness, product quality, and smart distribution system. He has got an answer to every human ailment-the strong point for which it has won millions of golden hearts.

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via Wikimedia Commons

By 2017, the company is targeting revenue worth 10000 crores and/ or estimated 1.5 billion USD and is now deemed to be the next best option after HUL.

Immortal Fountain Pens and Ink Mania: Steve Jobs is brilliantly known for his likings towards yoga and calligraphy. Researchers have now suggested –fountain pens are best remedies to get rid of bad handwriting nuances. Experts advocate-no problem, if we give these weapons to kids below 10 years. They would love it like pizza and video games. The trilogy and legacy would lead to a more blissful childhood.

Spero E –bikes: This is probably a large-scale public funded project for the cycle lovers. It’s a city hawk vehicle with a zero carbon footprint that can eliminate obstacles like pollution and fuel price hikes. This e-cool bike is being marketed by Milltex. This is simply the brain-child of green revolutionist Mr.Manikandan.

The manager behind this innovation has elaborated many exceptional features of this upcoming funky gadget and it is now ready to run with a penetration price of Rs.29900 onwards in different colorful models.

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via Wikimedia Commons

Trends of 2016 – Organic “Jean”-ration, Cow dunk cakes, Organic crackers and colors: These low absorbent -green denims by Arvind Mills are in fashion now -due to great eco-friendly benefits. Other products are something you cannot live without this Diwali 2016. Thus, you can too buy these items online on Amazon, eBay and many more offering Indian customers a wide foray with heavy discounts. All merchandises are giving a strong set back to “Made in China” labels in Indian Puja Market.

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Bio-Toilets: Marketed by Wockhardt Foundation is a part of Clean India Mission-have now become a symbol to prosperity in rural places of India . Even IRCTC has taken this initiation. It’s a complete solution to solid waste management, sanitation issues, rail track corrosion.

Mixed breed cars and EVs: Top Hybrid/Electric Cars like Mahindra e2o, Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid etc. are now going to dominate the auto expo of India. India is planning to produce more electric/ hybrid cars. But we should strategize something regarding its price sensitivity and post purchase maintenance debacles. These are clean and green hopes for the new automobile generation.

Salman Khan-Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Might be a myth in Bollywood – still after Miss World’s no problem comments, the B-town and fans want to see the Jodi again with scissor sharp script and strong banner.

Rise of Indian Millennials: It has become sort of challenge for the new age HR managers. BRAVE leadership is a new concept in management to catch this largest generation in the workforce.

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Puri Mahaprasada, The Holy Food of Lord Jagannath going global: Due to online availability the food has now become too popular amongst the devotees. They can now place the orders through or The Chappan Bhog (i.e.56 sacred food items) is read to purify your home by its mystic divinity. Give a try. I bet you never be in control.

Trends of 2016 – Car Trackers: You can now track your vehicles anytime, anywhere because 24×7 GPS Vehicle Tracking – App+Device is brought to you by websites like‎. No more worries – you can have a sound sleep.

In the end “I Love My India”.

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