The Epicenter of Human Resource Renaissance in Indian Subcontinent

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“Talent demand grew by 8 per cent during August 2016, as hiring activity revived across key sectors, reveals latest RecruiteX, the recruitment index by TimesJobs. Com-Report Speaks.”

Human Resource Development is always appreciated by visionaries, market leaders, powerful policy-formulators, all specialists, infrastructure makers, business accelerators and academia as flagship topic in 21st-century business management India. It is one mega platform for enlightenment that brings together the most successful talents of the nation.

We will analyze few buzzwords in this fold which are going to bring an eye-catching sea change in the field of HR metrics of 2016 India. The pointers are mentioned below in a very compact format for readers’ pride and prejudices.


These high-value skills will act as an epicenter in the Human Resource renaissance of the subcontinent.

In the ages to come, digitalization will be the modus operandi in almost all the cases of Talent Acquisition. HR managers are now going global through smarts phone penetration. Because of this rapid growth of technologies, hiring is just made easy. Recruiters are now adopting these modern techniques to diminish the huge cost factors and burdens associated with a traditional format of employee selection.

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Smart phone using skills and abilities are the deciders of leadership. An employee makes a differentiation from others provided he is technologically sound. Even many US firms have regarded the coding skills as a parameter to hire top talents .So smart basics are just the game–changers in the palms of HR leaders of our time. I can call it as a smart disruptor in 2016.

Modern enterprises are now taking the leverage out due to integration of social networking,analytics and crowd learning, big data, cloud computing, mobile technology with HR parlance. HR professionals have redefined due to virtual interviews, BVC through employee social media page. It has become the tool of employee engagement and people management because during office hours a corporate employee is spending 25% of the time in connecting to the rest of the globe through Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. But CEOs don’t spend.

This is just a glimpse of a recent research finding. Due to these innovative business interactions, the HRD has gone truly global. This is a cultural shift, I can bet. Finest example is Genpact which has used informality, flexibility, sociability and technology to transform the craft of millennial talent management through connecting current diversified workforce to cohesive web portals.

Social media and mobile and emails are becoming key weapons of talent sourcing, partnerships, alliance, skilling & HR ecosystem building. This means that workplace design will be driven by the technological innovations and collaboration agenda. Make, not buy, talent is the new trendsetter of HRM. It has become a cultural shaper in HR paradigm which can result in better just-in-time performance. Human abilities got improved and the organizations are getting enlightened due to the dynamism of technology intervention. Learning ability has become an essential indicator of leadership and it has enhanced with the advent of computers.

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In the end, we can conclude that both human resource recruitment and development can be done in a more effective due to technologies entering human veins. We need to just manage them in a skilled manner.

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